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Hydrotherapy is a safe and fun therapy, wherein the child is facilitated with a floating tube around the neck, and the child is allowed to relax in the water. There is a certified professional all along while the child is in water to ensure maximum safety and to ensure that the child is carefree and relaxed.

It is critical for an infant to get adequate sleep. This therapy is designed to smoothen metabolism and, as a result, improve sleep. Hydrotherapy even develops motor skills in infants. It helps strengthen the muscles, promoting general growth and development.

Our hydrotherapists are none other than experts who are really well trained in handling kids and giving them the right kind of therapy. Kids are kept safe, and entertained by our professional throughout the sessions.

The sessions are lighthearted and tailored to help the baby feel fully at ease in his or her surroundings, with each step carried out with the consent of the accompanying parent.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy