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Most parents are always up to ensure that their child stands out from the crowd and becomes the center of attraction. But besides that, we appreciate the fashionista in the kids. This is the tender age when kids learn to express themselves through their wardrobe or the things they use. So we have come up with a hair and nails service to make children the fashion icon and moreover, to let them feel their absolute prettiest.

Kids enjoy every minute spent at BabySutra. With cute haircuts, gorgeous nail art, and a lot of fun-packed activities, kids get to be themselves and have all the fun they want! Our stylists are the best with kids and will quickly become the kids #FashionBFFs. All our products are chemical-free to ensure the child's comfort and safety.

We offer manicure and pedicure services for the kids which are very perfectly crafted for the little ones' tiny hands and feet and will make them feel the little divas that they are. Once again, all our services have been designed with the kids' safety in mind and our professionals take good care to keep their best interests in mind.

We also have a team of trained and dedicated hairstylists who know the best ways of handling children's hair. Our stylists will always prioritize the kids' comfort and preferences over anything else. Apart from that, they know very well how to give the kids the exact glow up they want and they'll walk out feeling on top of the world. Whether it is a new hairstyle or a hair-tattoo or de-tangler hair spa and hair colour, trust our experts to offer the best of services.

The area is decorated with colourful car seats to give kids a feeling of familiarity while they groom. Our studio is gender-neutral, ensuring that both boys and girls have a good time.

P.S. Once the service is over, the kids might not want to go back home but stay at BabySutra!

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