Wondering how to plan for your munchkin's birthday?

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Wondering how to plan for your munchkin's birthday?

How To Plan For Your Munchkin's Birthday | BabySutra

There are 365 days in a year. But one day stands apart from the rest of the days ‒ Birthday! On our birthday, we are the centre of the universe. Our loved ones put in all the efforts to make that one-day extra special for us.

Birthdays are important for everyone but for kids, birthdays are grand. It is the day they get to flaunt how pampered they are among their friends. Such memories last a lifetime and make them smile even when they are all grown up. That way, birthdays are an integral part of a happy childhood. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure our children have all the love, fun and pampering on their birthday.

Sounds like an excruciating job, right? But take no stress! We are here to guide you along with the A, B, Cs of planning the birthday party of the year for your little munchkin.

A. Ask your kid what they want
Birthday parties are a fancy affair. Everything has to be custom-curated as per your kid‵s personality and preferences. So before you dive deep into the meticulous planning, ask your child what kind of birthday party they want. Children these days are aware of all the latest trends and want their fair share of it as well.

B. Setting up the budget
Set up a budget before you start planning the details. This will help you identify how much you can spend on organizing the party. You can divide the budget into different aspects like cake, venue, decorations, food, etc.A crucial aspect of the budget is the size of the party. You can either decide the budget as per the number of people you want to invite or vice-a-versa.

C. Theme ― because we do not want a boring party for our special ones
Gone are the days when a birthday party was limited to cake cutting and everyone singing “happy birthday to you”. Nowadays, every party needs a theme and every aspect of the party compliments it. Theme parties not just add a lot of fun but can also be used to creatively educate them.

Here are some of the most fun-filled themes for you to pick, as per your child‵s interest ―

  1. 1. Welcome to the Jungle

  2. Jungle theme birthday parties are easy to organize and are very popular among children. They can come dressed as their favourite animal or you can provide them animal masks for them to wear. Decorate the surroundings with house plants and make paper-mash plants and tree cut-outs. This party can be organized at home or in parks or gardens. You can set up a mini zoo or take them out to the zoological park as well.

    Use this opportunity to teach them about the animal kingdom.

  3. 2. Harry Potter & Friends

  4. As the name suggests, this theme is based on the popular Harry Potter franchise. The guests can come wearing a cloak or apron. You can provide them with a badge of their favourite Hogwarts House and a magic wand. The parents can act as the teachers of Hogwarts and do a ‘sorting hat’ ceremony. You can reuse your Halloween decorations for this theme.

    Arrange for a magic show to make this party a super hit.

  5. 3. DIY Arts & Crafts Party

  6. Let your child explore the artist in them. Get various art supplies and set up different stations to avoid clutter. Cupcake decorations, Sock Caterpillars, Patchwork House, Paper Crowns, Dream Catchers, Face Painting to painting a big birthday banner, a lot can be done at an Arts & Crafts birthday party. Add their artwork into the goodie bags later.

    Make sure that the art supplies are safe for all ages. And always keep a few backup activities for the guests who don‵t want to do arts & crafts.

  7. 4. Fancy Dress Party

  8. This one is a classic and never goes out of fashion. The guests can come as whoever they want to be and have a good time dancing, singing and playing games at the party. This theme requires the least effort and goes well with any kind of decoration. Just put up some lights, balloons, and frills and you are good to go. You can also award prizes to the best-dressed kid at the end of the party. This will make them more enthusiastic to participate in the activities.

  9. 5. Spa Party

  10. Yes, you read it right ― a Spa Birthday Party specially designed for your kids. Spa parties are the latest trend in cosmopolitan cities. At a spa party, you select a range of beauty and grooming services for your babes and pamper them like queens & kings. From manicure, pedicure, nail art, haircuts, massages, there is a wide variety of services that you can pick for an in-house spa party. Spa parties are a great way to educate young ones about hygiene and grooming with lots of fun.

    The best part of a spa party is that you can club them with any theme and other activities and cater a fun-filled extravaganza for your special one.

    To make it more exciting and concept driven, you can also seek help from industry experts like BabySutra.

    BabySutra is a kid's spa and salon that specializes in organizing spa birthday parties in Bangalore and Mumbai. Along with spa services, BabySutra also offers theme-based decorations, e-invites, welcome boards, arts & crafts activities, and arrange for food to take off your load of organizing a great party.

D. Foods and Snacks
Food is the most crucial aspect of any party. You can either pick to order from your kid‵s favourite outlet or cater home-cooked food. Beverages like fruit juices and sodas go along with all kinds of food. For snacks, you can cook frozen foods like wedges, fries, and chips.

E. Venue
You can organize either at home or book a venue. The main factors to consider here are the number of guests and budget. Though organizing a party at home saves money, hiring a venue is more convenient as it includes games, activities, decorations, and clean-up. If you are hiring a venue, please make sure you do it well in advance.

F. Games & Fun Activities
This is the most fun part of a birthday party. You can plan for various games and activities depending upon the number of guests, theme, and venue space.

G. Goodie Bags
A goodie bag is a token of appreciation for your departing guests. You can fill the bag with chocolates, candies, pens, and other items as per your theme.

While these steps will help you plan an exciting birthday for your kids, we understand that it can get extremely tedious to do all the planning without any help. You can avoid splitting hair over the details by taking help of professionals like BabySutra.

BabySutra curates birthday parties that are full of fun, entertainment and pampering. They set up decor as per your desired theme and make sure all your guests receive personally designed e-invites too. But the real sparkle of BabySutra birthday parties are the exclusive spa sessions. BabySutra experts provide fun-filled spa sessions to all your guestswith utmost safety and precaution. So you can let your hair down, put your feet up and relax.quite literally!

In addition to the spa sessions, decors and invite, BabySutra also arranges for food, a photographer, magic show, and/or a tattoo artist to add a touch of wholesome experience. Now that‵s a birthday party which will forever stay with you and your little ones.

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