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hydrotherapy for babies

Do you know humans are excellent swimmers by birth just like any other animal species? Swimming is the only exercise where every part of the body gets an equal amount of energy flow and workout. Hydrotherapy is similar to swimming but it involves special activities in warm water.

Young and energetic parents who are looking to give their child every single boon on earth should consider introducing their children to water therapy at an early stage of their infancy. This therapy is being used in the treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

If you introduce your child to the pool within a few days of their life, you will be giving them the best of both mental and physical health.

Why should you consider hydrotherapy for your baby?

  • Hydrotherapy works miracles for the baby and helps in their holistic development and well-being.
  • It helps to improve the muscles of the baby and promotes its growth and development.
  • It relieves colic and soothes their stomach, reducing stomach problems.
  • Hydrotherapy enhances the balance and coordination of the baby
  • The therapy stimulates their senses and encourages exceptional bonding with family members
  • The pool activities stimulate the balance system of the child, which is the base of fine motor development.
  • The workout enhances their appetite and helps parents to wean them better.
  • Helps the child to sleep better and thereby allows you to have a good night's sleep, as your little one is not around to disturb.

What is hydrotherapy?

Before considering how best hydrotherapy can help your baby, let us first discuss the therapy for babies. Hydrotherapy is introducing the infant to a pool of water. These pools or pods have temperature-controlled waves that flow in highly synchronized waves. It stimulates the baby's natural kicking reflexes as well.

The baby will be attached to a flotation device so that they can explore the water without compromising safety. This floatation device helps the baby to stay afloat without causing any stress on their bones. With hydrotherapy, parents help their neonates to practice stretches safely and give them a total body workout.

Key Developments of Babies by Hydrotherapy:

  • Neuro-muscular development: Babies are born with certain natural reflexes, and the most prominent of them is the kicking reflex. When these kicks are done in water, it stimulates their neurons and in turn, helps in their better growth and faster development.
  • Skill enhancement: According to experts, when the baby glides or kicks through the water, they develop body balance, immunity, motor skills, and cognitive functions.
  • Cognitive development: Children who learn to swim at the early stages of their life were cognitively ahead of their peers by at least 11 months. Also, these children develop a higher level of confidence compared with their peers and adapt to new and challenging situations of their life better
  • Active babies: Introducing the baby to this baby spa early in their life helps them to attain superior control over their muscles. Thus, they will be active compared to their peers and walk and crawl faster.
  • Regulates activities: As the swimming pods are filled with warm water, it helps the baby to relax and helps in regulating their feeding and sleeping patterns.
  • Enhances reflexes: Hydrotherapy has proven to improve the reflexes of the baby, such as balance, coordination, grasp, etc.
  • Enhancing body systems: Hydrotherapy enhances lung capacity, improves digestion, and enhances the respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • Prepares for the future: Babies, who are introduced to hydrotherapy early in their lives, are not hydrophobic and mostly grow to be good swimmers.
  • Hydrotherapy is very different from swimming. It is a therapeutic practice where the baby is made to float in the water with the help of a floatation device.
  • The hydrotherapy pool is temperature-controlled, and the water is also warmer to care for the tender skin and muscles.
  • It is performed under the supervision of experts in a safe and therapeutic environment.
  • Moreover, this baby care therapy helps in strengthening their muscles, decreasing pain, and helps in relaxing their tender body.

Bottom Line

Hydrotherapy helps in improving their cognitive and emotional abilities. By introducing your baby to hydrotherapy, you are introducing him to excellent skills and preparing him to thrive in the competitive world. So are you ready for the best baby care? Then, gift your tiny tots with the best baby spa day to enhance physical, cognitive, and emotional growth.

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