Why Knowing Your Child's Hair-type is Essential?

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Why Knowing Your Child's Hair-type is Essential?

Having knowledge about your child's hair type is important for various reasons. Whether it's for special occasions, trips to the salon, or simply because your child has a certain preference in style and color, it's helpful to know what your baby (or child) will want and how they'll react. Knowing your child's hair type will help you choose all sorts of products that'll make their hair care routine easier and more enjoyable!

Hair types consist of four main categories:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Coily
  • Curly

If you have no idea or struggling to find out what the hair type is, worry not, it just takes a few steps to learn the facts. Leave it free of products for a day or two and give it a good wash with shampoo. Once you let the hair air dry, if it dries completely straight, then your child has straight hair. If there is a natural wave to it, your child has wavy hair. Similarly, if the hair curls up with large curls, then your child's hair type is curly and if the hair curls up with tightly wound curls, then your child has coily hair.

The key to healthy hair stems from knowing the type and texture of your child's hair as choosing the right products matters the most. A shampoo that suits a straight hair type does not suit a coily or kinky hair type. They might even be damaging to your child's hair if the wrong shampoo or other hair care products is chosen.

It's not just the hair, scalps different too. The type of scalp or any conditions that a scalp has will have to be taken care of in those respective ways. Your child might experience a lot of hair breakage or dandruff, they need extra love and care. Scalps vary from dry, oily, and even flaky. Hair spa and anti-dandruff hair treatments help in soothing the scalp and moisturizing it. BabySutra is a kids' spa and salon that offers exceptional hair spa sessions and hair treatments that can control your child's dandruff issues.

Hair density also comes into the picture and plays a vital role in establishing a hair care routine for your child. Hair density is nothing but the number of hair strands growing on a square inch of the scalp. A simple way to find out the hair density of your child is by measuring the circumference of the ponytail. Hair density matters because it lets you determine what kind of hairstyle or hairdo suits your child. Not all haircuts or hairstyles suit different levels of hair density. It also helps in using the right products for your child's hair care. A hair spa helps in making the hair look more voluminous and fuller. At BabySutra, the products used are completely natural and sulphate-free.

We all tend to look past another important aspect which is hair porosity. Hair porosity determines the ability to retain moisture. The more porous the hair, the less moisturized it stays as the ability to absorb and retain moisture is low. The porosity of your child's hair affects how well oils and moisture pass through the outermost layer of hair. Hair porosity is divided into three types:

  • Low porosity - cuticles are close together
  • Medium porosity - cuticles are relatively apart
  • High porosity - cuticles are widely spaced out

For your child's hair to stay healthy. Waters, oils, and other moisturizing products have to pass through the hair cuticles. If the cuticles are tightly bound, it is tough for the elements to pass through and it makes the hair dry. Similarly, if the cuticles are widely spaced, retaining moisture and staying hydrated gets tedious for the hair.
Though the porosity of your child's hair largely depends on genetics, there are other external factors that contribute to the health of your kid's hair. Choosing the right shampoo makes a world of difference as the product build-up or limited moisture results in hair fall.
You can always go the extra mile in showering some love on your child's hair as it shows. Have them over at BabySutra and get them pampered at one of the best kids' spas and salons. Avail of the best hair care sessions like hair spa, anti-dandruff treatments and massages, and de-tangling sessions at a BabySutra store near you in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

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