Why Hydrotherapy Is Becoming Popular Among New Parents

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Why Hydrotherapy Is Popular Among New Parents | BabySutra

Why Hydrotherapy Is Becoming Popular Among New Parents

Hydrotherapy is becoming increasingly popular among new parents because of its scientifically beneficial approach to the well-being of an infant. Because of the holistic development techniques of Hydrotherapy, it is a widely recommended form of infant care by child care experts as well. It is gentle, calming, and one of the healthiest ways to strengthen the bones and muscles of an infant.

Experts at BabySutra recommend hydrotherapy for an array of reasons. Hydrotherapy is especially good for babies who have not started to walk yet as the natural buoyancy of the water makes it a lot easier for them to use their limbs freely. The process effectively stimulates healthy blood flow in an infant and helps them develop motor skills. Many new and young parents today, who are looking for the best ways to care for their baby, are curious about hydrotherapy, and rightfully so!

Hydrotherapy at BabySutra

Hydrotherapy is a relatively new concept where the babies are made to float in a pool of water. These pools or pods are temperature-controlled and the baby is provided with adequate support on the neck and head by a flotation device. This floatation device helps the baby to stay afloat without causing any stress on their bones. The warm water renders a soothing effect on their body and helps in the enhancement of all vital bodily functions.

Hydrotherapy sessions are carried out in a one-on-one manner between the baby and the specialist, ensuring the child's safety at all times. It goes without saying that parents are always expected to supervise the activities and watch their tiny ones enjoy themselves during the session.

Hydrotherapy experts at BabySutra go through rigorous training to ensure the maximum safety of babies during the sessions. Our experts closely supervise your little ones for the entire duration of the session while also making it fun and relaxing. We always take the full consent of the parents/guardians before going ahead with any activity or exercise.

Why is hydrotherapy gaining more popularity among young parents?

New-age parents are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways that are not traditional but also fun and effective. Hydrotherapy is not only an exceptional development technique for infants and babies but it also adds more fun to it! It falls outside of the category of generic methods of infant care and it has a ton of benefits to itself.

According to health experts, hydrotherapy is common in the treatment of children who suffer from neurological and orthopedic conditions. Naturally, more and more new parents are opting for Hydrotherapy, not only in India but all over the world. Here is what makes hydrotherapy an excellent choice for new parents:

  • Hydrotherapy positions children in an environment surrounded by water, which exerts a positive psychological effect on their minds resulting in them having way more fun than their usual land-based playgrounds.
  • The soothing effect that Hydrotherapy generates in the minds of children can greatly reduce their anxiety levels from a young age and help them to cope with their surroundings much better.
  • The therapy uses water to decrease the effect of gravity on the circulatory system of babies. This effectively ensures ample vascular return to their hearts.
  • Infants can improve their balance coordination and motor skills at an incredible pace when they are introduced to hydrotherapy at an early age.
  • It improves digestion by helping in an appropriate absorption of nutrients, thus regulating the entire digestive system of babies.  
  • Water passing over the skin creates a tactile stimulation. This boosts the capability of the central nervous system of the baby.
  • Hydrotherapy also results in better and improved sleep cycles for babies.

Because of these reasons, Hydrotherapy is one of the best therapies for your baby's development and overall health that provides wholesome physical exercise. But that is not all!

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