What Happens During A Hydrotherapy Session at BabySutra?

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What Happens During A Hydrotherapy Session at BabySutra?

What Happens During A Hydrotherapy Session | BabySutra

Wondering what is hydrotherapy for babies and what are the benefits of this particular kind of spa treatment? Fret not! In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about hydrotherapy, the many benefits of this spa treatment and also what happens during a hydrotherapy session at BabySutra.

So, what is hydrotherapy for babies?

Hydrotherapy for babies is a restorative practice or a therapeutic spa treatment where the babies float in water in a floatation tub for several minutes. According to many paediatricians, hydrotherapy is more beneficial to your baby when introduced at a very early stage.

Now, let's talk about the other main benefits of hydrotherapy for babies?

1. Stronger bones and muscles: The physical movements in water promotes muscular coordination and skeletal strength in your baby.

2. Improved respiratory system: The water pressure in the floatation tub makes the intercostal muscles stronger. Thereby, it improves your baby's respiratory system.

3. Encourages bonding: Being around your baby during a hydrotherapy session is a great way to establish a stronger bond with your baby; especially for fathers this is a great opportunity to establish a stronger relationship with the newborn.

4. Colic relief: The movements caused in your baby's body during a hydrotherapy session can relief any abdominal pain or trapped gas. This also stimulates appetite, improves digestion and aids constipation.

5. Stimulates all senses: A hydrotherapy session is like a complete body workout for your baby. Apart from the respiratory system, it also stimulates all the five basic senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) in your baby.

6. Improved sleeping: Most babies are born with innate swimming capability as they are very used to floating in the mother's womb. Thus, your baby finds the floatation experience very familiar - this also reduces the production of cortisol, the main stress hormone, which helps your baby to sleep better.

What happens during a hydrotherapy session at BabySutra?

A hydrotherapy session at BabySutra is specially and mindfully crafted to give your baby the best soothing and relaxing experience. Here's why a hydrotherapy session at BabySutra is the most recommended spa treatment for your baby in Bangalore:

Safety First

During a hydrotherapy session at BabySutra, we make sure that your baby is completely relaxed in a specially-designed floatation tub. Your baby is always safely secured by a safety floater around his/her neck which they wear loosely under the chin and occipital bone. The main purpose of the safety floater is to keep your baby floating vertically in the tub as they are completely weightless in water.


For your baby's first session, the duration is up to 20 minutes to prevent any tiredness. However, after a few visits, your baby is more tolerant to this treatment and then the session can last up to 30 - 45 minutes.

Only Certified Therapists

Our staff are trained hydrotherapists and neonatal nurses - they take special care of your little one during hydrotherapy. They interact with your baby during the session ensuring better safety and creating a relaxing ambience.

Floatation Tub For Baby

We provide single floatation tub for your baby's personal hydrotherapy session. This ensures that your baby is safe, feels comfortable and can move freely.

Promotes Parent-Child Bonding

During the entire session, you are always with your baby - watching, observing and interacting. Our trained therapists will also explain to you the dos and don't of the process to ensure better safety.

Purest Water

We only use chlorine-free water which is gentle on your baby's skin. To maintain good hygiene, we also change the water after every session.

Hydrotherapy also helps in a smooth transition during the changeover period in your baby's life - from the womb to a life outside of it. When immersed in water, they find the experience familiar and this helps them to feel confident and secured. Now that you know all about hydrotherapy for babies, it's time you book a session with us at BabySutra and pamper your little one.

A therapeutic hydrotherapy session at BabySutra will enhance your baby's well being and it's also a great way for you to bond with your little munchkin. At BabySutra, the best baby spa in Bangalore, we only use high-quality and pure organic coconut oil to massage your baby.

Don't wait anymore! Visit us, enjoy a hydrotherapy session with your baby and leave with a smile on your face. For more details, visit: https://www.babysutra.in/faq.html

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