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The Secret Behind How Salons Give You An Amazing Haircut |BabySutra The beauty industry in India is constantly witnessing an upward trend as more and more people are becoming aware of their looks, and are focusing on personal grooming as well as grooming their kids. Out of all the segments viz body care, face care, hair care, hand care, etc; hair care is the most trending and flourishing industry. According to research, a haircut is the most demanded service in salons these days. Owing to the demand, there is a market of untrained professionals too who are not experts in the services that they provide. It thus becomes imperative that you hit the right salon for your haircut or a baby haircut. Specialized kids salons take the utmost care of hygiene and safety and have a variety of baby hairstyles on their menu. What makes these perfect hair salons? How are they different from the not so perfect ones? Let's find out!

What are they taught for perfect haircuts?

Perfect haircuts come with training. The basic format of a haircut consists of partings, projection angles, and the use of implements. And of course, there are more techniques that professionals learn as a part of their training to give you a perfect haircut. Some of them listed here:

  • Parting methods: Hair partition is how your hair is divided at the scalp level. Clients have different patterns of hair parts, or may not have a part at all. Some might keep the same part forever while some might want to change the part style. These are important factors that the stylists consider while consulting and deciding a haircut for their client. The best practice is to section the head off in panels that keep the part in place, using it as a divisional boundary for a balanced haircut.
  • Cutting methods: which haircut will suit which face cut is an important factor too. There are types of cutting methods that stylists implement to execute a haircut more efficiently. They choose the best method to ensure that a design is balanced and produce the desired texture. The two main types of cutting procedures:
    • Parallel cutting the most typical of the cutting procedures. The following elements all remain consistently parallel to not only one another but to the intended design line.
    • Non-parallel cutting is used for specialized results like an increase in length. Non- parallel implies that the position of the finger, the direction of combing, and the position of the implement are used irregularly so that the partings used are not paralleled.
  • Resulting hair texture: different cutting methods are used to achieve the desired texture. And the results are based on the laws of physics that are akin to gravity. If you drag or lift a hair section against the natural fall of gravity to cut it, the surface texture will be determined based on the distance it travels while returning to its natural location. Majorly, the following textures are achieved with these typical cutting
    • Blunt: appears smooth at the surface and no ends are visible apart at the bottom.
    • Graduation: gives a partially layered and partially smooth appearance. There is a visible layering on the exterior, and interiors have a length that builds depth.
    • Uniform: appears like a highly layered surface with the same length over the entire head. Minimum stacking or weight is added in uniform layering.
    • Long layers or increasing length layers: appear as layered surface texture and has all ends visible. There are shorter layers at the top of the head and increase to longer toward the bottom.
  • Use of correct equipment: Haircutting, being the most widely demanded service, stylists at the salon have to know how to use the haircutting scissors or shears effectively for hair shaping. This equipment can be used on wet or dry hair alike. Shears cut in a way through the strand that the new end appears like a blunt cylinder. The shape of the cylinder depends on the following two factors: The shape of the hair strand itself and the position of the shears as they travel through the hair.
  • Face cut determines the hair cut: all of us ask the expert as to which haircut will suit our face or the personality as a whole. Although the human anatomy is the same, there are variations among individuals, races, and ethnicities. There might be differences in the muscle tone, variations in fat deposition on the head, face, and neck that ultimately determine the face cut of an individual. Hair designing is all about creating illusions. Illusions with the parting direction techniques, cutting methods that give texture, and an understanding of the change in hair response by implementing application and selection.

Reasons to go for a professional haircut expert/ why your kids need an expert to cut their hair.

The trained and experienced personnel at a salon are usually experts in their industry and can give you advice and a style that gives you a complete makeover and makes you look attractive. This is a major reason as to why you should prefer a professional salon for yourself and the kids for a haircut. Also, kids are safer when professionals give them a cut. A few other reasons to opt for a professional haircut expert include:

  • Professionals can help boost your self-confidence
  • They can give you tips for your hair care during your visits and make a hair routine for you.
  • Visiting a professional salon also promotes healthy hair as they use products with adequate nutrients that help your hair to grow well and healthy.
  • Their products provide the moisture and nutrients that traditional shampoos and conditioners cannot.
  • For kids, professional salons have trained stylists who can handle the baby, take care of their hygiene, and be very delicate while their customer is a toddler.

At BabySutra, we believe in instilling good grooming habits from day one. The salon has a safe and comfortable environment, taking complete care of the safety and comfort of the kids. For a baby haircut, we do not use any harsh chemicals and make sure that the baby is pampered enough to go back happy and stylish!

Why not walk in with the toddler as soon as he is ready for a little grooming session? Call us at +91 7829 975 555 for their first of regular hair cuts.

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