The Effects of Baby Massage

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The Effects of Baby Massage on Attachment between Mother and the Baby

The Effects Of Baby Massage | BabySutra

The ?rst year of life of the baby is extremely important in terms of the their physical & psychological development. It is during this period, that the sense of basic trust between a mother and the baby is formed. The relationship between the mother and the baby has been the subject of several research studies. Attachment is an emotional and expected condition between the mother and the baby that begins in the ?rst days of life.

Maternal attachment is a unique, tender loving relationship that develops between the mother and the baby; its consistency leads to the development of feelings of trust in the baby as a result. Postpartum attachment and care between the mother and the baby is important for the baby to lead a good physical, spiritual, and emotional health in life.

It has been proved in many research and studies that, the mothers who applied massage to their infants achieved an easier interaction. Also the infants' sleep duration was increased when their mothers spent more time with them and did massage to them.

MAI is the most widely used instrument for measuring maternal attachment to the infant. The MAI consists of 26 items representing maternal activities and feelings that indicate affection. MAI instrumental research found statistically signi?cant results that infants who received massage gained more weight and increased their mental motor development.

Baby massage is a simple, cheap and effective technique supporting infant development. It is accepted worldwide and is gradually gaining popularity by being applicable to both the babies and their mothers.