The birthday party your kid can't wait to celebrate

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The Birthday Party Of Your Kid | BabySutra Birthdays. The one day when you're the star. The world revolves around you. You can't stop grinning from ear to ear. No matter what our age, a birthday will never fail to excite us. 

Now imagine, what a big deal it must be for your little one. On that one day, all the excitement, eagerness is justified. On that special day, if he wishes for the moon and the stars, so be it!  

At BabySutra we're ready for it. We're ready to pamper your child with anything they wish for. Their wish will be our command. We curate birthday experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

How do you ask?

Because we understand the feeling of having the perfect birthday. Unlike olden days, few balloons and snacks will just not make the cut. The world of the internet has opened up a lot more into our kids' imagination. All year long they have been looking at pictures and wishing for princess castles, superheroes saving their town, the world of Frozen and Peppa pig. 

Your little bundle of joy is gearing up for a full-blown, themed party. All the drama, the costumes, the props. The magic of a perfect celebration lies in the detail. 

Is all this possible to create without countless sleepless nights and a meltdown? BabySutra has your back. We're not just another party organizer in town who dusts their hands off with some balloons, fairy lights, and a cake.  You've had enough of those for your little one. 

Ours is unlike any other. We host spa parties. Yes! You read that absolutely right. We conceptualize parties that are all about being pampered, entertained, and most importantly cherished for each and every moment. 

On a special day, the place will be done up with quirky decor related to the theme you choose. Leave it to us to design and send out e-invitations to the guest list and make sure they're all ready for the big day. Apart from that, each of our tiny guests onboard will be welcomed with customized name badges and spa robes to start off the celebration. 

The birthday star will be welcomed with a tiara or a crown. It goes without saying that the most important person in the room must always feel important and special. 

However, not just the birthday baby, we host each and every guest with the attention and warmth they deserve. 

While the party is in its full swing, our pamper sessions swiftly take over. Adding that extra zing to parties hosted at BabySutra will be our exclusive spa session for all the kiddos. Can you believe that! A spa session for everyone at the party. The celebrations couldn't have gotten better. They can let their hair down, put their feet up and indulge in the best manicures and pedicures. Stylists will assist each of our guests with utmost attention and warmth. 

As time flies, we make sure to keep our spirits high. Another fun session awaits with so much more yet to be discovered.  

It's time for nail art. The happy bunch will don their creative hats and immerse into artistic renditions on their tiny, pretty nails. Of course, under the guidance and supervision from our in-house experts who will make sure that everyone is safe, and it isn't a chaotic mess. This session is sure to be etched in the memory long after the party is over. We make sure to keep the party not just about mindless fun and games, but, the little ones are introduced to a new skill to learn. 

The fun doesn't just end at that. Make room for more entertainment and giggles. This party is all about hitting the right chords. 

It'll be an unforgettable experience for the kiddos when they spend time together doing all things pretty and creative. Nail art, cupcake making, tattoo artists (of course, the temporary ones) are only some of the many highlights of this party. 

At BabySutra, we believe in celebrations done right and we can assure you that the moments spent here will have reminisced forever.