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The Top Hairstyles For Kids This Summer

With Post Covid life gradually setting in, we are just in time for schools to resume their full-fledged offline classes. But, it is not just the school life that is making its comeback. The Summer season has hit the country a bit early (and with what tremendous force) this year! With it, the Sun damage, split ends, sweaty, greasy scalp, and frizzy hair are bound to follow. Quite a nightmare for our little trendsetters who exhibit their creativity by experimenting with their looks.

Hairstyle has always been a key part of an individual's personality. And, it is not just the adults who realize that. In this social-media-driven world where a seemingly complicated hairstyle can be imitated in minutes, children are now more aware of the latest trends and styles. A good hairstyle contributes to making your child look neat and smart, and this is why BabySutra has compiled a list of Summer friendly hairstyles for our little show stoppers.

For girls

We can all picture an image of a little girl brushing her doll's hair while her caregiver brushes hers. Extensive braids, low/mid/high ponytails, or straight off a pixie cut- chances are your daughter is familiar with all or most of them. Catering to these trail-blazers are the following hairstyles that along with the style quotient bring about comfort in the summer season:

  • Chic Bob Haircut: THE classic bob! Due to its suitability for all hair textures and face cuts, this timeless hairstyle has always been a favourite. So, whether your child is a toddler, a pre-teen or a teenager, wants a cute look (we'd suggest adding some bangs or layers to achieve this) or a cool-edgy look, there is a bob hairstyle for every occasion, mood and personality. A bonus point? There is almost zero maintenance required for the right bob.
  • Short Asymmetrical Bob: An asymmetrical bob is exactly what it sounds like- a bob with one side longer than the other. It is a shoulder-length haircut and the trendier sibling of the regular bob- ideal for the rule breaker! While the right asymmetrical bob could match any face cut, hair texture and personality, we find straight hair to be the ideal hair type for it, especially when the aim is to add texture and volume to hair. Asymmetrical bob can be played around in several ways- the sleek version, for instance, could give the face a slimmed look while the long asymmetrical bob with shaved hair on one side could work well with heavy hair. However, an asymmetrical bob requires regular maintenance and therefore proper commitment towards it is a prerequisite.
  • Pixie Cut: You could never go wrong with this! If we had to bet on one hairstyle that can be trusted regardless of the face shape, age or occasion, we'd pick the Pixie cut. The hair texture can also be further enhanced by adding a couple of layers to it. Also, do we need to mention the lightweight, airy feel of it during the hot summer season?

For boys

Boys! Just like the girls, our little dudes, too, like to keep up with the trend, and this is where our compilation of the following hairstyles comes in handy:

  • Undercut: Straight? Wavy? Curly? This Hollywood favourite works extremely well with any hair type. To achieve this look, hair is kept at a uniform short (very short!) length on the sides and the back. So, if you are looking for a simple, safe haircut that channels your child's inner David Beckham or Brad Pitt, the Undercut should be at the top of your list.
  • Crew Cut: The crew cut is one of the most common haircuts, and have no qualms about it. It works well with all face cuts, which is why it is quite common to spot boys of every age sporting this look. P.S. This haircut can work around with a little amount of hair too and is, therefore, perfect for all hair textures.
  • The High and Tight Haircut: If you have a child who doesn't care about the trending styles and instead would prefer going with a low maintenance and comfortable style, then this is for him. Typically, the high and tight haircut is one of the shortest haircuts and easily suits all face shape. The only downfall we can think of is its unsuitability with curly hair.
  • Drop Fade Cut: The drop fade cut is quite similar to the regular fade, except that it curves downwards towards the neck. This little to no maintenance haircut gives your child a gentleman-like look and is suited for all ages from toddler years to teenage.
  • High-top Cut: Symbolising the golden age of Hip-hop, the High-top cut which was a rage during the 1980s and 90s has made a comeback and we are all for it. It is a haircut where hair is kept very short on the sides and very long on the top of the head. If you have a little hip-hop enthusiast at home, then this style could be an ideal haircut for them.

There are different textures and lengths of hair, and to cater to them there is a plethora of trendy, comfortable hairstyles and haircuts, each with a unique element of its own. But, there is one common factor in all - the tangle-free, healthy hair!

At BabySutra, we understand the importance of it, especially when one wants to frequently experiment with their hair. This is why along with haircuts, we also provide services such as detangle hair spa to ensure that your little one is always at the top of their game. Starting from the roots right to the tips, our experts and well-trained staff ensure that they use the safest products for your child's hair and provide them with a comfortable time. So let your little one get a detangle hair spa once a month, and see the difference- it works against all kinds of hair problems!

We would advise you to not wait for the summer season to get the better of you. Head over to our Instagram page to know more about all our services and the cool offers we have in store for the same!

Thanks for reading!

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