The stress-free guide to your baby's first haircut

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Stress-Free Guide To Your Baby's First Haircut | BabySutra Kids are such a pleasure in our lives. These little ones mold themselves the way you want them to and create their world surrounding you. Kids of this era are smart, stylish; they understand what it is like to look good, to groom themselves. A haircut is an important part of their grooming and can be a totally enjoyable experience or a dreaded dream for you. Kids Hair Salon these days are trending as more parents are getting conscious towards a hygienic, safe baby haircut

Baby taking haircuts in fancy salons must be exciting you and making you feel good about your baby's first haircut too. Isn't it? Is it all so lucrative as it looks?

If your baby is born with gorgeous locks or with a smooth head, you have to be prepared for their first haircut. Kids are sensitive and a new thing like a haircut can put them into a lot of thought processes. Their locks are soft strands of gold and you have to be careful enough to give them all the safety for their first haircut session.

When is the right time?

The right time depends upon your baby's hair growth. For some babies, hair grows at a very fast pace, and they might be ready for a cut at an early stage too. Some kids might not be ready until they are well into their toddler years.

The right time is also about the parent's preferences. Some parents might like the curly, wavy, or straight locks of the baby, while some might like the clean, trimmed look. You must be aware of the fact that after the first cut, fine hair could grow thicker. And those cute baby curls you just had cut off may not grow back.

Make sure your baby is prepared

How are you planning to break it to your baby that it is time for their haircut? Are you planning to use the same term? Well, you might want to give it another thought.

Your baby surely does not like surprises at this age and not a surprise haircut for sure! Think about what goes into a haircut. Your little one has to sit still in a chair, wear a plastic cape, and have a stranger touching their hair. All of this is too much for a baby to handle.

Try to prepare your child as much as possible. Way before you have scheduled the haircut, talk to them when they are playing or are in a good mood. Explain the process or bring him along for your haircut. Using the word "cut." might scare the toddlers. Try using "snip" or "trim" instead.

Know when to go, where to go

When to go is all about your priority and your baby's preparedness. Delay a little if you want to preserve the baby look while you prepare your kiddo for the big-kid kind of things! Trimming superfine baby hair often makes it look thicker. So take a call as per your liking.

Choose a salon that knows how to deal with these little champs. They can be tricky to handle and only experts will know how to handle them. Kid's salons have videos and books to keep little kids entertained. Some attract the kids with a photo and certificate as part of a first-haircut package. Our stylists at Babysutra are perfect for the job. Your kids are going to go back happy; we assure you that.

Plan carefully, book appointments

So if the day is set, start planning for it. Pack their favourite toys or a colouring book to keep them distracted and help make their first haircut easier. Bring along his or her favourite toy.

Feed your child well, let them sleep well; a hungry kid will surely not entertain any stranger around him. A "hangry" kid will throw tantrums, and that is the last thing you need. Isn't it?

Tips to survive a baby haircut

Kids are shy and a haircut involves visiting a Kid's' hair salon, interacting with a stranger, and letting them so close. This might not be a very happy experience for you and the kid. Here are some tips to survive a baby haircut.

  • Time matters: Avoid nap hours, hunger hours because kids tend to be cranky then. Choose hours when they are happy when they are the best versions of themselves.
  • Distracting is the key: let the kids bring along their favourite pacifier to keep them occupied and make them feel at home. At such times, distracting through a video or rhyme playing on your phone can be a great help. Even better if your child loves to sit on your lap. Make him feel at home in your lap and get the haircut done.
  • Face away from the mirror: a kid's salon will have plenty of toys, and other distractions on the walls. Try to keep their face away from the mirror so that they don't get freaked out seeing the hair trim.
  • Take breaks: a baby haircut will take more time than you do. Be prepared with ample time, an afternoon may be so that you can spend time with your kid when he is getting a haircut.
  • Treat them: if your kids get cranky and are in a bad mood, you can treat them with their favourite food or give them their favourite toys after the haircut. This can be an instant mood lifter. 

  • Our Kids hair salon at Baby sutra has kids friendly interiors, safe equipment, and our experts take utmost care for the hygiene as kids are more sensitive. It is like a fun trip to Babysutra Hair Salon. Take your kids for a haircut ride and watch them come out happy and satisfied.

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