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Summer breeze- Spa Breeze

Relax. Revive, and Refresh - the three words that define a good summertime! And it is true as much for kids, as for adults. One of the best things to relax for anyone in this killer heat is getting a relaxing Spa. Not only does a good spa helps you to wind down and rejuvenate but it is also good for your health. So why not give the same benefits to children and let them take advantage of a refreshing spa as well?

At BabySutra, we offer a variety of spa choices for you to choose from for your little one. Come enjoy our themed summer breeze spa and book yourself a relaxing getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the summer season.

What is Spa for kids?

Spas for kids have now become the latest topic of buzz among new parents around the world and are now gaining recognition in India as well. It is no different than the usual spa services except for the fact that it is created for children to enjoy a pamper experience, and develop a healthy habit of good hygiene and self-care while at it.

At BabySutra, we take special care when curating our services and only use organic products that are absolutely safe for the gentle skin and hair of kids and teenagers. We leave no stone unturned to make a safe and fun kid's spa experience at BabySutra.

We also organize spa-themed parties where you get loads of cool stuff such as name tags, welcome board, customized room decorations, spa robes, spa services of your choice, and much more fun stuff to enjoy.

Benefits of Spa in Summers

No doubt spa in summer feels like an oasis in the desert but unlike a mirage, it comes with many health benefits as well. The Indonesian Health Ministry concluded that the kid spa can have an effect of up to 33% on body length growth and it can be beneficial to a kids' development and overall health by giving complete physical activity.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of the spa for your little ones then here are some more reasons why it is a wonderful option for your kids:

  • Some of the simplest yet most needed benefits are energizing your kids' bodies, relaxing their minds, eliminating fatigue, removing toxins from skin and hair, etc.
  • The spa gives the kids a good de-stressing session that improves the quality and quantity of sleep they get.
  • A kid's spa won't just improve the child's mood but it will also help improve their social skills.

Kid's Spa at BabySutra

At BabySutra, we always put your little ones and their safety at the top of our list of priorities. Our experts are well trained in making and maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for kids to enjoy all activities under the caring watchful eyes of our experts.

Some of the spa services at BabySutra are listed below in detail:

  1. Pedicure-Manicure and Nail Art
    Kids can choose from our Rainbow or Mermaid or Unicorn pedicure options for beautiful and mystical nail art designs on their cute little toes. Kids can also go for the usual manicure and pedicure procedures minus the nail art bedazzling their fingers and toes.
  2. Hair Spa
    We offer different types of hair spa options such as the detangler hair spa and the anti-dandruff hair spa for kids. They are the best ways to ensure good hair health of your little ones. The kids hair spa options at BabySutra are answers to all kinds of haircare problems from dry and itchy scalp to overly oily scalp. Our experts recommend at least one hair spa per month to keep the hair health in check.
  3. Hairstyling
    You can also pair the kid's detangler hair spa with hairstyling services and get your little one's beautiful hair into protective heatless hairstyles. Doing this will ensure the benefits of the spa last as long as possible. The heatless protective hairstyles that our stylists are adept in can last for up to two weeks and help keep your little one's hair care and maintenance to a minimum for you. After all, everyone wants a good hair spa day to last as long as possible so that the fresh hair shiny look is preserved for weeks. You can opt to undo the hairstyles in a week or two and see for yourself how well preserved and healthy your kid's hair becomes after a hair spa session at BabySutra.
  4. Themed Spa Parties
    Is it their birthday or any other special event? Don't worry, we have got you covered with the latest addition to our services- Spa Parties! Some new options that we have introduced are the 'Mermaid', 'Unicorn' and 'Rainbow' themes for your kid's special occasions.
    This fun-filled magical bonanza is a BabySutra exclusive. Feel like a mermaid princess in our themed attire or wear the mysterious horn of a unicorn or enjoy all the colours of a rainbow- there is something for everyone at our themed services!
  5. DIY bath bomb session
    We encourage kids to get a little messy and creative before they properly wind down and relax. For this, we conduct a bath bomb-making session where little ones learn how to prepare their bath bombs themselves. They are allowed to pick colors and have the freedom to be as creative as they like. The same bath bombs are later used in the spa during their mani-pedi sessions. We use all child-safe ingredients and our experts are well-trained in keeping a safe and fun atmosphere.

So why should only adults get to go to spas?

The little ones deserve some pampering as well. A kid's spa session at BabySutra is a great way for parents to ensure their little ones get a break from screens and relax their minds and bodies. Parents can access our services in our outlets situated in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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