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Hydrotherapy for Infants

Hydrotherapy For Infants | BabySutra

Hydrotherapy is a curative whole-body treatment, where babies gently float in the water with the help of an inflated flotation device which is worn around their neck which is designed to brace the bubs lower jaw and base of the head, leaving the rest of their body parts to move freely. This therapeutic session helps in embracing and supporting various mental and physical developments of your baby's capability to move with control and making them grow stronger. Through this floating technique, it helps in building confidence by giving your baby the freedom to flourish and sustain in any water environment at their own pace.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

This is one of the best therapies for your baby's development and overall health that provides a complete physical exercise or work-outs stimulating the baby's heart and other internal organs leading to better development and functioning of the brain. It also energizes the 5 fundamental senses (touch, sight, hearing, sight, and taste).

By adopting hydrotherapy babies get the ability to float in water and also water resistance, making their muscles more robust. Several systematic studies and investigations have reached new assumptions that babies who swim at an early stage of life crawled later but walked earlier due to the potential to control the essential supporting structure of their body consisting of bones and overall muscular systems.

Creating awareness and introducing children to water at their tender age helps to eliminate a fear towards water if existed. The majority of the babies are born with an innate physiological response to water immersion and by performing these exercises that involve a free-spirited movement in the water, giving the infant a support aids in improving their confidence level, more easiness in social situations and a proud feeling while watching them doing it.

It helps in building up their cognitive skills, cross patterning movements which construct the neurons in every part of their brain, enhancing their reading skills, academic skills, and language development.

Increases the bonding between the parent and the toddler as you get to spend quality time together

Time spent in the pool may consume a lot of energy of the babies, as they are new to this environment and using their entire body in completely different ways by dedicating the extra time that drops down their energy, as a result, the babies tend to have their nap early which additionally improves their sleeping pattern.

With the movement of their tiny arms and legs together in the pool, helps in improving their coordination and balance

By staying in the pool and carrying out different exercises burns a lot of calories and will make the babies feel hungry, hence it improves the appetite of the infant.

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