Why Is Hydrotherapy For Infants Gaining Popularity In India?

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Water is considered the elixir of life and true to its description, water has a healing effect on us and is known to nourish us extensively. It can be magical for the tender muscles and bones of babies. How about the idea of introducing your newborn baby to water therapy? Indulge them in hydrotherapy and let the water take over its myriad of functions on their tender body. Hydrotherapy is a successful technique that has become a part of successful parenting, as it helps in enhancing the holistic development of neonates.

About hydrotherapy: 

Hydrotherapy is a relatively new concept where the babies are made to float in the water with adequate support on the neck and head. The warm water renders a soothing effect on their body and helps in the enhancement of all vital bodily functions. The inherent effects of hydrotherapy include the physical, mental, and emotional development of the baby.

The first six months of a newborn's life is vital for the psychological development of the baby. It is mandatory that parents shower an abundance of love and care at this stage of their life, to develop them into physically and mentally adept individuals. Hydrotherapy or baby spa is one of the best ways to boost the physical and psychological development of babies and also helps in creating a healthy parent-child relationship.

Benefits of introducing hydrotherapy for babies:

Hydrotherapy is an exceptional developmental technique for small children and renders them several emotional and physical benefits. The benefits of introducing hydrotherapy to babies are as follows,

  • The gentle resistance that the baby experiences in the water help to strengthen their bones and muscles.
  • The baby will be able to explore their movements against the force of gravity, enhancing their physical endurance.
  • Hydrotherapy helps infants with their balance and coordination. Additionally, babies who are introduced to hydrotherapy early in their lives, are in an advantageous place in their life compared to their peers in both mental and physical capacities.
  • Water decreases the effect of gravity on the circulatory system of the baby, ensuring ample vascular return to the heart.
  • The pressure of water on the chest of the baby expands lung capacity and enhances the breathing ability of the baby.
  • Hydrotherapy for babies improves digestion and helps appropriate absorption of nutrients, thus regulating their digestive system.
  • Water passing over the skin creates a tactile stimulation, thus boosting the capability of the central nervous system of the baby.

Hydrotherapy enhances the baby's motor skills and they can grab objects and move tiny toys around them. Also, babies use both arms effectively when introduced to hydrotherapy at an early stage. Baby spa helps them to improve their balance, coordination, and improve the functioning of the digestive and circulatory systems.

Safety concerns in hydrotherapy:

The babies are made to float in temperature-controlled water that has been disinfected and treated with reverse osmosis. The baby will be supervised by experts who will render support, protection, and attention during the hydrotherapy session. The child will be given expert neck support to help them float in the water without drowning. During their stay in the water, babies wear comfortable swim nappies. Soothing music will also be played to stimulate their senses and to promote a relaxing atmosphere for the baby.

Bottom Line:

Water is the source and basis of our life. The theme of hydrotherapy revolves around the benefits of aquatic therapy in enhancing the growth and development of neonates, and in rendering them expert baby care. When children are introduced to hydrotherapy during the early stages of their lives, it helps them to develop into confident, athletic, healthy, and competitive individuals.

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