How infant massage can help babies born prematurely

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How infant massage can help babies born prematurely

Motherhood is a beautiful experience. If you are experiencing that already, or are about to be a mother soon, we would love to be a part and help you in upbringing your baby. Newborns need a lot of attention and care from the mothers. Owing to the modern lifestyle, many mothers also face the stress of giving birth to a premature baby; and this requires even more care and love for the baby to grow like their normal born peers.

Are you sailing in the same boat? And are worried about a lot of things including the weight, brain development etc.? Don't worry; we have got your back in these tough times too.

The role of a gentle touch

Premature babies just need your extra care, a personal touch, more attention and care to help them evolve and feel secured.

Touch is one of the first senses that develop in a newborn. Touch is a beautiful feeling that helps the baby feel protected, cared for and supported and this is where infant massages come into picture. 

What is infant massage?

Baby massage has been an age old practice done by mid wives to the newborns for their better development. The trend has seen some evolution and has continued due to the perceived health benefits.

A human touch, a gentle hold is like a therapy to a newborn. Infant massage for babies is a way of communicating, playing, and care giving for leading a wonderful life ahead. An infant massage is a process of gently massaging the baby's muscle in a specific way to improve their mental and physical health; help in the growth of premature or underweight babies and helps them to sleep and relax longer.

What are the health benefits of massaging a premature baby?

Infant massage can do wonders for your baby. We have known the benefits of infant massage in babies through our blog Top 5 Benefits of Infant Massage You Didn't Know! Now, let us take a look at the health benefits in premature babies.

Infant massage is a lot more beneficial for premature babies as it:

Helps put on appropriate weight

  • Helps in development of their brain
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Boosts immune system and circulation
  • Makes bowel and tummy work better

Mental health and development can also be seen through motor skills, personal and social behaviour and psychomotor development in babies.

Infant massage can also help in overall development of your premature baby:

1. Enhancing hormones

A soothing touch, like that in a baby massage releases hormones like oxytocin that help relax the baby. The hormone inculcates the feeling of closeness, of love that might be missing in immature babies.

2. Keeping stress at bay

Premature birth is a stressful situation for both the parents and the baby; there are hormones (cortisol) released in our body under stress. Cortisol levels might be high in premature babies as well as mothers. A massage routine has shown to lower the levels of stress in premature babies and their mothers; hence is a great way to de stress the baby.

3. An "organised" baby

The gentle touch during massage keeps them calm and content. You can notice a stable breathing, less agitation, more calmness in babies after regular massage sessions. As the baby is calm, they can use this energy in growing and healing, to sleep better, increase feed ability and become normal soon.

4. Vagus nerve stimulation:

Many of you might not know what the Vagus nerve is and how is it essential in development of an infant? Vagus nerve is the longest nerve, often called the wandering nerve and is associated with vagal activities like socioemotional development, gastric motility, weight gain etc that are essential for a premature baby. Infant massage promotes this stimulation and is an essential part of bringing up the infant.

"This looks like I should not miss the infant massage for my baby at all! But I do not know how to massage the baby!" Is that what you are thinking right now?

Baby sutra is the one stop solution. The massage therapists at Babysutra are certified infant massage practitioners trained under the certified instructors from the International Association of Infant massage (IAIM). They help you in your journey to nourish, pamper the baby with infant massages, hydrotherapy services and more. Infants of 6 weeks to 18 months and minimum 2.5 kg weight are accepted for massage. Walk in or call + 91 7829 975 555 to start an infant massage routine for your baby.

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