How To Protect Your Child's Hair Before And After Swimming?

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Normally, we would have started this blog with 'Summer is just around the corner', but who are we kidding? Summer has hit us quite early this year and with it has watery fruits, breezy clothes and pool time. Pool time! Whether frolicking around in the water or practising those strokes - pool time is easily one of the most looked forward to activities during the summer season. It gives your little one respite from the blistering heat while also being a fun exercise routine.

But, pool time also leads to tangled, damaged and sometimes even discoloured hair. Most of the pools- public or private use chlorine as a disinfectant which strips off the hair of natural oils making them dry and easy to break. Quite a nightmare! But fret not, we have got you covered. BabySutra has compiled a list of dos to ensure that your child continues to enjoy their time in the water without the need for you to worry about their hair health.

Preparing the hair before going for a swim

Precaution is better than cure! Swim caps remain to be the easiest to spot method to protect hair from the damaging effects of pool water. But, it could also be a task to make your little one keep them on throughout. Not to mention the itchiness and tangled hair that follow. For those days and such kids, we would further recommend the following-

  • Rinse/soak the hair:While it is a must to wash off the chemicals from your kid's hair post their time in the pool, an added precaution would be taking a quick shower before going for a swim. Entering the pool with wet hair ensures that there is a little surface for the chemicals to stick/get absorbed.
  • Pre-treating with conditioner:This method is a personal favourite! A dash of conditioner before getting in the pool provides a barrier between the child's hair and the harmful chemicals. Further, it makes sure that their hair does not end up with that crunchy feel, otherwise synonymous with one's time in pool.
  • Using oil: Similar to using a conditioner, oiling the hair with coconut or olive oil locks in the moisture and stops the chemicals from penetrating and drying up your child's hair.
  • Using a protective hairstyle to secure their hair: Your child's hair is more prone to damage if left out open. Instead of letting them enter water with untied hair, secure their hair in a bun, ponytail or braid. Doing so would prevent their hair from getting tangled.

Protecting the hair after swim

Regardless of following a pre-swim care routine, it is essential to adopt post-swim hair care to rinse off the chemicals. While on most days washing the hair with regular hair products might seem enough, it is important to address the possible long term effects of chemical exposure. Our experts bring to you a few techniques and practices that could ensure that your child's hair remains naturally healthy.

  1. Washing hair after swimming:The basic rule is to ALWAYS wash off the chemicals post hair exposure with pool water. We recommend resorting to lukewarm water and massaging the hair from roots to tips for five minutes. Follow this with a cleansing shampoo and conditioner. Do not skip the conditioner as it keeps the hair healthy and further acts as protection from the harsh sun.
  2. Hair SpaWe offer different types of hair spa options such as the detangler hair spa and the anti-dandruff hair spa for kids. They are the best ways to ensure good hair health of your little ones. The kids hair spa options at BabySutra are answers to all kinds of haircare problems from dry and itchy scalp to overly oily scalp. Our experts recommend at least one hair spa per month to keep the hair health in check.
  3. Homemade packs:In India, it is a common practice to have organic, effective homemade packs as a part of our skin and hair routine. Applying tomato paste for 30 minutes followed by shampoo and conditioner is one such method to rinse off the chlorine. Using apple cider vinegar is another natural method to remove the chemicals. But, children are beings with limited patience. Therefore, it might not be easy to ensure they keep the hair mask on. To avoid the fuss, we would recommend opting for hair spa, instead.
  4. De-tangle hair spa:Tangled, breakable hair! One of the biggest nightmares of parents. Irrespective of how many precautions you take, it is almost inevitable to avoid tangled and dry hair. Detangling hair is a long and cumbersome process at home, which is why de-tangle hair spa is one of the popular services in kids' hair salons. One such salon dedicated to kids is BabySutra. If you are located in Mumbai or Bangalore, you can visit a BabySutra salon close to you where our experts ensure a fun and relaxing session for your child (we might as well say that the de-tangling process is the most soothing part of the entire process). De-tangle hair spa is recommended once a month on freshly shampooed hair to ensure that your child's hair remains healthy throughout summer.

While it is important for your child to wash their hair every time it comes in contact with pool water, it is also important to know that shampooing too often can lead to dandruff problems. Very frequently shampooed hair gets stripped off its natural oils leading to a dry scalp resulting in dandruff. We at BabySutra have got you covered, with a range of hair care services specially customized for children and executed by our well-trained experts, so that you do not have to choose between your child's pool time and dandruff free hair. Our anti- dandruff hair spa provides your child with beautiful, healthy, dandruff-free hair so that they can enjoy their time in the water without you worrying about any repercussions. If your child has dandruff, we recommend getting our anti-dandruff hair spa weekly to get rid of those irritating flakes.

Hair problems can happen at any age. But, you need to be extra cautious till your child becomes capable of taking care of their hair. BabySutra is a dedicated to kids' salon, which understands the World of children and the plight of their parents. Our services extend beyond hair spas and haircuts. We have services such as manicures and professionals well trained in services such as infant massages and hydrotherapy. We also have an entire range of pampering spa sessions that your kids can enjoy with their friends in the form of spa parties! Whether having a little (literally!) get together or celebrating your child's birthday, spa party is a unique pampering session. So, head over to a BabySutra salon near you or check out our Instagram to know about our services and exciting packages.

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