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Bringing a new life to this world is a complete transformation of a woman's body and mind too. From the onset of What is a childbirth education?

Childbirth education is a series of classes designed to help women attain accurate and relevant information about childbirth and make informed and independent decisions about their care. It is an evidence-based education that ultimately impacts their behavior and well being.

Childbirth education was formalized in the 1960s to impart knowledge about labor and birth to women and their families. When they are entering into the maternity system, this information helps women to take care of themselves. In the 1960s, these classes were more important for women to avoid medication and have a support person with them during labor. The Childbirth education system is still a good way to educate expecting mothers about their bodies and to take care of their children.

The goals of childbirth education are still the same. The only difference being that there are more researched facts, there is more value of the normal physiologic process of labor and birth and the care practices that facilitate that process.

There are various childbirth classes available like Hypnobirthing, Birthing from Within, Lamaze technique, Alexander Technique, etc. Each of these classes and techniques has different fundamentals and approaches towards childbirth;

  • Hypnobirthing: is an all-natural childbirth class that teaches and requires mothers to use the power of self-hypnosis to control pain and stay calm during labor.
  • Birthing from within: is a holistic approach towards childbirth that educates mothers on how labor works and how to keep calm during the process while coping with any surprises.
  • The Lamaze technique: Lamaze classes are designed to make the parents feel confident, powerful, and supported. All techniques are evidence-based and focus on empowering the mother with the right set of information.
  • The Alexander technique: is a movement-based birthing class focusing on correct posture, improving mobility, and maintaining alertness during labor to eliminate stress and improve relaxation efforts for mothers.

Our Childbirth Masterclass, 9 months and beyond is inspired by the best practices from all the classes and is focused on giving the maximum benefit to the mother and the child during and post-pregnancy.

Having an understanding of the physiology of labor and evidence-based care practices enables women to let labor start on its own, move freely in labor, keep birth in upright positions, have fewer routine interventions, and keep their babies with them.

How are mothers benefitted?

Having taken a confident decision on pregnancy, expecting mothers to know that the journey from pregnancy to parenthood is full of joy, a little stress, and a lot of rewards. It is a life-changing experience. At Childbirth classes mothers are encouraged to ask questions that benefit them in several ways:

  1. Become confident about a better outcome
    Throughout their pregnancy, mothers are encouraged to ask questions that help them feel confident and make informed decisions. Childbirth classes are designed to reduce fear and anxiety and increase confidence in expectant mothers.
  2. Learn about pregnancy and prenatal care
    Many birthing classes teach you more than just labor and birth. As we know, there are changes in the body as the pregnancy progresses, mothers are taught how to take care of themselves and the baby during pregnancy. Childbirth classes are handled by certified and experienced trainers who will impart valuable insights on how to have a healthy pregnancy and guide you for smooth delivery.
  3. Determine birth preferences
    During the Pregnancy classes, when you are learning the different aspects of labor and delivery; there is a complete picture of how you will handle situations during your labor. Now you are the best judge for what will work for you and whatnot. This means that you can layout your birth preferences. You will need to learn about what will happen if you have complications during labor. In the case of medical intervention outside of your birth plan, you should know the consequences. Well, as scary as it sounds; the process can be comforting if you know all about it.

After the childbirth class, you also get to decide your birth plan by discussing the options that are available for handling pain during labor. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques, learn the pros and cons of different methods, know about pain medications like epidural blocks, etc.

Why childbirth classes still find relevance?

Gathering false, half-cooked information has to be avoided in any case during pregnancy and otherwise too. For example, if you google 'epidural'; there are 3 million search results. Of course, you are not accessing all of them, and chances of consuming misinformation increases.

That is the reason why an expecting mother should consider a childbirth class. Our childbirth masterclass,9 months and beyond is just the first step towards your parenting journey. The sessions are designed meticulously to ease your motherhood, to make your journey worthwhile. Many moms across the globe swear by childbirth classes and say that they would not have delivered their first baby without proper education. Childbirth classes are still relevant and required to make a difference because:

  • Living in nuclear families, there are no grandmas and nannies who can support you with your child's birth. Back then, when people lived in joint families, in their hometowns, help and education were abundant from the elderly that are now missing big time.
  • Upbringing your child is an art. Of course, there is a lot of knowledge to gather from your parents and friends who are already enjoying their parenthood; but a childbirth class will put you at ease, and will answer all those questions that you might not be able to ask anyone else. Moreover, the education provided in classes is timeless and builds the foundation of your knowledge of upbringing your child.
  • Mother's health is equally important- you are just out of the labor room and there is not much support for instance. Pregnancy classes make you self sufficient to take care of yourself too after the delivery. With '9 months and beyond' we give you lifestyle counseling, teach you the importance of good nutrition post pregnancy so that you can take care of yourself along with the child.

Look for the best childbirth classes near you to get the best out of your pregnancy and to enjoy the journey postpartum too.

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