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Picture this- A seemingly cranky child sitting on a high chair with a stranger using scissors on their hair. Not a hard picture to paint, isn't it? Children bring a lot of joy to the lives of those around them. But, with them comes to an added sense of worry and frustration. A dreaded time in any caregiver's life would be the time their child gets their first haircut. The general perception might dictate you to prepare yourself for restlessness, annoyance, and tears (oh! So many tears), but we are here to tell you that those days could be well behind you.

A child's first haircut could be a seamless experience and we are here to tell you how!

A child's first haircut

In India, a baby's first haircut, also locally known as Mundan (shaving off baby's first hair) has religious significance. Mundan is believed to cleanse the baby of all the negative energies they'd be carrying from their past life. Scientifically, it promotes healthy hair growth and therefore, it is important to ensure that you pick the right time for your child's first haircut.

The question is when would that be? The right time for a baby's first haircut depends on their hair and could be anytime between the first 6-24 months of their life. Some babies are born with lots of hair and/or have faster hair growth and might be ready sooner. On the other hand, few caregivers prefer to have their baby enter toddlerhood before they face the hustle that is the first haircut. Regardless of the hair growth and type, if your baby is experiencing the following signs then the time might be good for them to get their first haircut:

  • If your baby keeps trying to remove their hair, or you notice their long locks extending till their eyes
  • It is taking longer for you to maintain it- combing, detangling, and styling.
  • If the hair seems untidy due to the length, trimming might be a good option.
  • If you notice uneven growth of the hair.

Ensuring that your baby is prepared

Strange surroundings, strangers touching their hair, and proximity to the sharp tools- all these could be a lot for the baby to handle. It is important to ensure that your baby is well prepared and comfortable throughout to avoid a tearful experience.

  • Incorporating 'play-cutting' into your child's playtime routine: Involve the use of a cape, water spritz, and fake/imaginary scissors to let your child associate haircut with play, thereby staying relaxed during the real haircut sessions.
  • Ensuring that your child is in a good and playful mood when scheduling their haircut.Avoid nap hours or when they are hungry as they could be cranky during that time.
  • Allow your child to witness other people getting their haircuts. On the other hand, if your child stays restless during theirs, turn them away from the mirror and distract them with a toy or a pacifier. Kids' salons like BabySutra have playful interiors to keep your child curious and engaged.

Always ensure that your child stays relaxed and positive throughout the session. A comfortable first haircut experience leads to less daunting subsequent haircut experiences. On the other hand, a bad experience could make them (and you, believe us!) dread future haircuts. Therefore, it would be an added advantage to trust a specialist such as BabySutra, a kids' salon based out of Mumbai and Bangalore, where our well-trained professionals keep your child comfortable and engaged throughout. We are a one-stop outlet for all your kids' hair and self-care needs with services ranging from, but not restricted to infant massages and hydrotherapy, haircuts and hair care sessions, spa parties and many more.

We also cater to celebrating another milestone in your and your child's life- their first birthday. First birthdays are always special and we understand the need to make the celebration special, too. Modern parents love to experiment, and while the cake and the decor remain classic, some fun additions would always be welcomed. At BabySutra, we include fun, pampering, and relaxing sessions into your celebration. We believe in the superiority of details, which is why, we ask you about all of your child's favourites- colours, animals, and objects. Collaborative preparation with the parents is always preferred, and we are ready to add your own modifications and customizations for your little one's special day. So whether it is a small intimate gathering, or one with all your child's friends, a theme that you have figured out already, or figuring one out together, we have got you covered.

We leave no child under-entertained and have little something for all age groups-hydrotherapy and massages for the babies, slime making for the toddlers, and spa parties for the older kids. So head over to a BabySutra salon near you, or visit our social media handles to know all about our range of services and exciting offers.

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