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Child birth classes @ Babysutra

At Babysutra we offer various Child birth classes. The typical class consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises, all led by a trained childbirth educator.

Our various classes consist of -

one-day intensive workshop - which includes primarily lectures which merely inform you about what you can expect during delivery, Diet and Nutrition, basic exercises etc

Weekly sessions lasting a month or more - These are more interactive. These courses are kept small, usually with no more than 10 couples; this allows for one-on-one instruction in practicing comfort measures and creates a more intimate atmosphere in which to share advice and concerns.

Benefits of birth education classes

The childbirth classes help in improving the self-confidence of both women and her partner by guiding with the body's ability to give birth. As a result, building self-esteem in you is the ultimate goal of our birthing classes.

We also allow you to discuss your fears and concerns on labor and birth and also to come up with any sort of questions or doubts as we have got experienced practitioners to handle your situation and provide the best outcomes.

It also helps your partner to learn about childbirth and how to assist on this auspicious day, by attending the childbirth classes together will also create a special bond between both of you.

We also instruct you with an effective way of managing your labor pain and various breathing and relaxation techniques which also includes massage and medications to make you all the more comfortable and stress-free during your delivery.

We also guide you with various labor positions that help to speed up your labor and relieve the pain rapidly.

We make sure that the class that we have conducted has reached you in the right manner as per the visions of an ideal birth

Also makes sure that the mother is given the appropriate classes regarding the ease of movement, balance, and flexibility, as this practice can lead you to greater benefits also helps to increase the pushing effectiveness during delivery.

To learn more about childbirth courses please write to us at or call us at +91 7829 975 555.

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