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Baby Massage To Grow Baby's Mind, Body, And Soul

Around the World, caregivers are familiar with the importance of touch or physical contact with a child to strengthen their bond. This could be in the form of cradling, cuddling, or massages. In the Indian subcontinent, since ancient times, the practice of massaging a baby has been synonymous with the wholesome development of a child. Today's parents have started adopting new modern techniques, but the practice of massage remains a constant to ensure healthy, overall development of a child.

This centuries-old traditional practice involves the usage of oil such as coconut or almond and can be incorporated into a child's routine in the first few weeks. The child starts developing their senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell to get accustomed to the world during this period, with the sense of touch being one of the most developed at birth.

How does Massage benefit a baby?

Babies are capable of familiarizing themselves with good and bad touch, right from a young age. The sense of touch directly impacts a baby's cognitive abilities, in particular, the brain response time- while gentle strokes might invoke a soothing response, sudden shaking might distress them. Infant massage is a great way to bond with your child. It positively impacts a baby's physical health, mental health, psychosocial development, and overall development:

  • Muscle development: Massage stimulates the overall muscle development of a child. It enhances mobility and is especially beneficial for children dealing with motor-related disabilities such as cerebral palsy, by relaxing stiff muscles. It also strengthens the neck and back muscles of the child and helps them support their heads.
  • For underweight babies: Regular massage increases the production of sugar absorption hormones thereby leading to better digestion and easier weight gain for underweight babies.
  • Helps the child relax and have a sound sleep: Massage soothes your childby reducing the circulation of the cortisol hormone- a stress hormone and ensures sound sleep for them. It enhances the production of melatonin, a sleep regulator during nighttime.From an age as early as 8 weeks, massages before bedtime can act as a cue and get the child accustomed to a sleep routine.
  • Cognitive development: The first three years are considered to be especially crucial in a child's life as this is when synapses or connections between your child's brain cells are formed. Studies have shown that regular massages during this period increase a child's alertness, boosts activity in the brain's sensory cortex, and enhance learning.
  • Relieves from digestive issues and teething discomfort: With the right strokes and pressure, massaging a baby's stomach and abdomen area can help relieve them of constipation, gas and colic symptoms. Massaging the baby's cheek and chin area also helps deal with teething pain and discomfort by bringing endorphins which help deal with painful and itchy gums. Teething often leads to restlessness and interrupted sleep- massages can help relax the child so they get sound, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Improves the psychosocial skills of the child: Massage is also synonymous with caregiver-child bonding. It increases the production of the oxytocin hormone, a feel-good hormone that in turn makes the child more interactive and social.

How does Massage benefit a parent or caregiver?

Similar to a baby, massages also impact the mood of the caregiver by releasing oxytocin. Studies have shown that parents who massage their babies feel emotionally closer to them. It improves the attachment they share with the child resulting in a more pleasurable playtime. Not to mention the much needed rest a parent can get when their child manages to have an uninterrupted, peaceful sleep routine.

The dos and don'ts of Baby Massage

It is important to pay attention to your baby's mood- if they seem restless, cranky or stiff in your arms, then it might not be the correct time for a massage. It is also necessary to avoid massaging soon after feeding your child as it might induce vomiting.

To ensure maximum results out of every massage session, a little amount of preparation is required.

  • Creating a calm atmosphere: If possible a warm, quiet place provides an ideal environment for a massage session. Talk to your baby throughout the massage session- recite a story, sing a song or repeat their name. This would result in a more enriching parent-child time.
  • Controlled touch: Always start with gentle strokes. However, avoid tickling the baby as it might irritate them.
  • Watching your baby's response: It is important to be attentive to your baby's response to your touches. If they seem happy, they are probably enjoying the massage. If your child keeps turning their head away or seems restless, they might be uncomfortable. In such a case, you should stop the massage and try some other time.

A baby's body is delicate and therefore, it is important to use the right pressure and the right techniques. That way, it is best to trust a baby massage specialist to ensure maximum benefits come out of every massage session. If you reside in Bangalore, you could visit a BabySutra salon near you. Our well-trained experts are well versed with massage techniques and strokes, use products that are safe and organic, and ensure that your child is comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

BabySutra's Bangalore outlets also provide a relatively new and fun therapy with the benefits of massage- Hydrotherapy. As the name suggests, Hydrotherapy is a water-based therapy that stimulates a child's senses, increases their metabolism and enhances their motor skills. Both infant massages and hydrotherapy are beneficial for infants as they promote the wholesome development of a child. While you could opt for either, our experts recommend an infant massage session followed by a hydrotherapy session to ensure maximum benefits in these most crucial years of a child's growth and brain development.

BabySutra is solely dedicated to kids and their well-being. Head over to our salon or visit our social media handles to know all about our services and exciting packages!

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