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Attachment Parenting And Child Development | BabySutra

Attachment is the way we relate to the important people in our lives. It is a key element of psychological and emotional well-being, and forms our views about love and connection. It is now clear from decades of research in the fields of attachment theory, child development, psychology, physiology, and neurobiology that attachment parenting holds the keys to optimal child and family well-being.

Attachment is always taking place in our day to day life, and the central component of the creation of attachment is parenting. Attachment security in infancy is always associated with healthy, mutually satisfying relationships, optimal cognitive functioning, and emotional and behavioural management later in life. The relationships between a mother and the child, allow for the formation of an "internal working model" between the mother and the child that functions as a in-built template by which babies can gauge their own emotions and those of others. The factors which effects the attachment security in a child are availability, responsiveness, and sensitivity of the parent and hence, it is not just the presence of the parent, but the quality of the parental response, and the parent's emotional availability and sensitivity to the baby's communication, that form the heart of a child's security.

Similarly, if a child experiences care that is inconsistent, unpredictable, cold, hostile, or scary, he is likely to develop an attachment that is insecure. Hence this insecurely attached baby grows into a child- and then an adult-with fewer resources for managing his own emotions and his relationships with other people. Unlike a secure child, the insecure child cannot easily identify, understand, tolerate, or communicate his feelings, which leaves him vulnerable to a host of psychological difficulties`

Having children changes our lives forever. It opens our world to new hopes and dreams, new fears and struggles. Hope the new and inspiring information shared in this article can allow us to tune in to our compassionate hearts and mother our babies as they deserve.