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Are You An Active Father To Your Child?

In the journey of parenthood, an active, involved father goes a long way to ensure that a baby blooms beautifully into this world. With changing times, the pre-decided roles of a mother and a father have ceased to exist. Hence, giving way to a fresh parenting perspective where both parents chip in equal time and energy to bring up a baby.

In this article, we will be sharing information to help new parents create a routine in sharing responsibilities with their child. In the cognitive years of development, a child learns from the energy and observation it makes around the house. When they experience equal participation from their father and mother, the child tends to develop an overall sense of self-confidence and a healthy mind. Along with this, the perspective of a father in bringing up the child opens a whole new window of knowledge and expertise in the child's life.

 Shift To A'Equal Parenting' Mindset

Undoubtedly, it is common practice for a mother to be overprotective towards her newborn. This results in the mother taking up all the responsibilities of the child without a second thought. Most mothers fear that the fathers will not be well equipped to handle a newborn. Leaving the mother feeling tired and always fatigued from constant involvement with the child. This is why it is important to consciously move towards sharing responsibility, developing trust, and letting go.

For far too long, we have all heard stories of the multi-tasking mother. However, the truth is that it becomes tiring for her to do it all. When a father willingly comes forward to share the load - raising a baby transforms from a painful task to a beautiful journey.

 Take One Step At A Time

To the fathers we say, while you have been stepping in every now and then to take care of your child, it's time to up your game. Volunteer to divide responsibilities of childcare. This commitment is not going to be easy, hence, do not take up multiple big tasks at once and then fail at it miserably. Begin by creating a routine where you take up one task every day and follow it through religiously.  

Start by increasing the parent-baby bonding. Take your newborn out for playdates or salon sessions. That's only a few hours every day or in a month where your child is solely with or around you. This will help to create a deep bond and increase your confidence and involvement in the growing years of your child.

 Our sessions at Babysutra could be a good start. We have curated sessions of hydrotherapy, special massages, salon services like nail and hair cuts for your kid and you to spend hours of fun, bonding, and laughter together. We also have designated play areas where you can come in with your child and enjoy uninterrupted playdates. We also have services where both of you can experience lavish pampering sessions together.

 As a parent, moments spent with your kid is timeless. But the four walls of your home can become monotonous for the child to be in all day long. Every now and then it is important to spend time with your child outside the confines of your home. When you step out to spend quality time together, it helps everyone in the family take a break.

Regular visits to Baby Sutra will hence help build emotional wellness for your child as we give them an environment as safe as home, yet a break from the monotony of home. Our salons are designed solely to keep babies in mind.

 Learning Makes Us All Better Partners And Parents

If you are still wondering, why and how these visits to Babysutra could be an important first step towards sharing responsibilities, we have the answer. Here, we understand the difficulties of taking care of a child for the first time. A sudden surge in responsibilities can be overwhelming for most fathers. Especially because our minds are trained to believe that this is only a mother's job. This is why, a father often shies away from taking responsibilities, fearing that they aren't good enough for the baby.   

This is exactly why you would need a getaway such as our salon. Our sessions are designed in such a way that you have trained professionals, to guide you at every step of the way. This ensures that you as a father gradually get comfortable with the duties of a responsible father. Duties that are more than providing financial wellness for the baby. We induct you into a process where duties such as changing diapers, feeding your child, understanding their moods and actions become less daunting. This will eventually help you to take up bigger responsibilities and being an equal part in parenting your child later, even when at home.

In Short, with changing times it is important to become a participant to raise your infant, rather than simply being the observer or cheerleader. Fatherhood can bring upon a whole new meaning once you actively begin to participate in the everyday chores of taking care of your child. It may be a difficult beginning but surely has rewarding results in the future. Your baby will be emotionally attached to you.

Gone are the days when a father was meant to be stereotypically strict and speak seldom to their children. It is important now, that your kid feels the love and respect for them, every day. An emotionally distant father becomes a barrier for the child when they grew up. This results in a relationship that's rather awkward and complicated. In today's day and age, the father is a friend. A friend with who the kid will share it all - from their first kiss to the first drink. The early years of a child-parent relationship become the building block for the years to come.


At Babysutra, we hold your hand through the nascent years of parenthood because we know that being a parent isn't easy. But it surely gets better when you begin to share an equal partnership in this journey.

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