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All About Spa Parties For Kids | BabySutra

Yes, that is what we all do when we go to a spa; pamper ourselves! Your little ones' love being pampered too. Spa parties for kids are the best way to give the relaxation, the feeling of being beautiful; inside out and the fun of experiencing all the salon experience with their friends.

Spa parties are a perfect setup for your kid's birthday bash, a little get-together, a timeout party or just when they want to be pampered. This already feels like your little ones are growing up, and want to act like grownups! Want to give them the same experience as you do?

After all, you are not the only one experiencing the "metropolitan culture"; your little boy/girl is up for the same!

Walk in to Babysutra, where we throw spa parties for your little ones.

Yes, your kids can have a fun, relaxing and exciting experience at Babysutra with the well planned spa parties. We have all the sass and glamour, fancy bathrobes manicure-pedicure sessions, cupcake making and so much more. Read along to know what we offer in the spa parties and how can you book one.

What all is included?

1. Welcome board, Guest name badge, Spa robes, E-Invitations, Basic room decoration:
Kids love it when they have their name written on their stuff. Once booked, we will send einvitations to all the party members for that personalized effect. When they walk in for the party, we welcome them with their name badges, give them their spa robes and they will be excited to see a spa like room decorated for them. This has already set up the mood for a party for the young gang.

1. Mini Manicure & Pedicure and Nail Art: Everyone (Even boys do pedicure and Manicure in our party ) will love this! They have seen their moms pampering their nails and this one is like a dream come true for them. A professional giving a manicure to the little ones can be really exciting for them. We let them indulge in a mini manicure and pedicure session finishing with some nail art to flaunt. And don't worry, we aren't using toxic products for your kids. All our products are kids friendly, non toxic and organic.

2. Cupcake and lip balm making: cupcakes are a favourite amongst these kids. Little designed pieces of cupcakes can spice up their parties. We teach the boys and girls a simple way to decorate their own cupcakes that they can take away as a gift from us! Kids fancy lip balms too. What can be better than learning how to make lip balms? We let them learn and let them take their creation home.

1. Hairstyling: the little men are crazy for their hair too. We have a hair specialist to get the girls and boys a hairstyle of their choice and make them the divas and the rockstars they wish to be!

Spa parties are a lot more than just fun and frolic. Your kids learn a lot of skills during the whole event. They get to interact with other kids, showcase their creativity, share things that they create, experience the joy of pampering and get relaxed and refreshed for performing well in their studies and other activities.

A spa party can be booked for minimum 5 and maximum 15 children aged 5 to 14 years. The spa party is scheduled for 3 hours where they can enjoy all the above mentioned services and come out happy and beautiful!

We will take care of your kids with utmost sensitivity and awareness. You can be at peace when the kids are enjoying their spa party.

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