The Importance of Touch in Infant's Development

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The Importance of Touch in Infant's Development

The Importance of Touch in Infant's Development| Babysutra

In the initial stages of the developing process of a newborn's body, the primary senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound start developing straight after birth. Out of all of them, the sense of touch develops predominantly. It not only forms the primary way of bonding but is also the basis for the development of other senses along with improving memory and social skills. In babies, an increased amount of nurturing touches such as gentle strokes on their backs for inducing burps or breastfeeding improves brain response timing. While on the contrary, distressing touches like suddenly lifting or playful shaking them slows brain response time down to half or less. This proves that positive touch experiences are extremely important in healthy brain development in babies and infants.

It has been a custom in India (and many parts of the world) to massage infants and babies for ages. It is not just a session of discovering new nurturing touches for babies but, it's also physically beneficial for them. Using oil to administer massages to infants is the most common and preferred way. Experts like using various oils for massaging infants such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc. This is because not all oils have similar properties and not all oils are good for every skin type. Massage experts at infant massages, premature babies under hospital neonatal care who were given body massages gained weight faster. Contrary to the premature babies who weren't given massages and thus were unable to get discharged sooner.

    Five reasons to book massages for your little one-

  1. 1. Perfect way of stimulating muscle development
    The gentle pressure and constant contact from expert massagers increase brain and muscle development in babies. There are also slow-paced and gentle exercises done during the massage that helps build up the baby's back and neck muscles. Body massages increase muscle development in infants and also help them in supporting their heads. However, these body parts of infants should be worked at with utmost care. This is why we suggest parents go for professional massages for their babies. Experts at BabySutra are well versed in administering infant massages and stimulating all muscles by gentle touch.

  2. 2. Relief from digestive issues
    TWe have all known how a baby's upset stomach can keep the whole house and the neighbourhood up all night. As a caution, we avoid giving quick-relief allopathic medicines to them. Hence, as a much better and safer alternative, massaging them with gentle strokes on the stomach and abdomen can help relieve them of constipation, gas and even colic. In a study conducted on babies recovering from jaundice, the ones who received massages recovered faster. However, it's important to know about the right strokes and pressure, which is why you should always leave it to the experts like BabySutra.

  3. 3. It helps them relax
    Massages from experts help babies relax and also improve their behavioural tendencies. Babies are continuously stimulated from all their senses every day. Everything is new to them and the control over their developing senses is a learning process as well. As they can't verbally express how some stimulations might be pleasant and others not, they get distressed easily. A lot of sounds, sights, and other sensations can prove to be overwhelming and result in behavioural distress and "acting out".
    This is why at BabySutra we strive to keep a calm and soothing atmosphere for little ones. Our experts know just how to give the perfect gentle massage to help them calm down and relax.

  4. 4. It improves their interactive skills
    When babies receive massages, their bodies produce more of the hormone oxytocin. It is known as the feel-good hormone. It also makes babies more interactive. New parents can rest assured about their tiny tot developing social skills as an increase in the release of oxytocin makes them more approachable and sociable.

  5. 5. At the end of the day, we all need a good snooze
    Daily massages help to set and regulate sleep routines for babies. Not only that, they help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer, too!
    All in all, body massages are an all-inclusive experience for babies in terms of physical, social and behavioural stimulation. They are a wonderful way to introduce the concept of good touch and soothing physical exercises to your little one. That said, trying to give your infant body massages doesn't always come naturally to all parents and specifically first-time parents. This is why we strongly suggest you always go for experts.
    At BabySutra, our team of experts know exactly how to deliver baby massage therapy for your little one's best experience with the best products.

    How BabySutra experts ensure the best massage experience for your little ones:

  1. 1. A safe and relaxing atmosphere is essential
    Our topmost priority is to help your precious little one feel safe and to maintain his or her comfort throughout the session.

  2. 2. Slow and steady
    We ensure the pace of the massage is soothing and relaxing in all ways. The experts are always gentle and steady in massaging your infant and giving them a relaxing experience.

  3. 3. Safe products
    At BabySutra, we strictly use only the best quality products for infant care. All our products are organically derived to maintain purity and safety of use for your little ones.
    We believe in the importance of pampering young ones at BabySutra. Our services focus on improving their physical well-being as well as ensuring they have a good time. Hence why our team has experience in delivering services like infant massageand hydrotherapy while maintaining a safe and cosy environment.

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