The haircuts to slay this winter

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The haircuts to slay this winter

The Haircuts To Slay This Winter | BabySutra

Gone are the days of mushroom cuts and ponytails (and thankfully so!).

Fashion is no longer something meant for adults only. Nowadays, kids are more aware of fashion and style. They follow the latest trends not just in movies, music, and phones but also in clothes, shoes, and hairstyles. Kids desire to show their creative side and experiment with their looks. Even parents want kids to flaunt their style and charisma.

That way, hairstyles play a crucial part.

A good haircut can bring out the best in your little one's personality. At BabySutra, we believe that you are one haircut away from changing your whole look and making a stylestatement. A perfect haircut can help your kid look smart, beautiful, and classy.

Here's a list of the latest haircuts for your kids to slay this winter...

    For Boys -

    Boys are generally full of funk and are most likely to end up dirty while playing. From clipper cut fade to spiky fringe, these are some of the most trending hairstyles for boys this winter.

  1. 1. Fade Cut
    Fade Cut is an ultra-cool look for your boys. This perfect gentlemen's style needs little to no maintenance and easy to wash.You can style it differently by either going for low fade or high fade. From toddlers to teens, this haircut transforms the look of any boy.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: This haircut exposes the forehead area - not suitable for boys who have a big forehead.

  2. 2. Spiky Hawk Cut
    As stylish as the name sounds, this hairstyle is best for boys who like to have fun with their hair. Spiky Hawk Cut is easy to achieve and adds an inch or two in your little man's height.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: Style the hair when it is still damp.

  3. 3. Buzz Cut
    Quite possibly the easiest haircut of all time and oldest in tradition too. The best part is that you don't have to worry about styling your young one's hair anymore.
    Buzz Cut is a perfect hairstyle for boys who love the outdoors. This is a sustainable hairstyle that doesn't need recuts as often and are particularly helpful in controlling and curing lice infection.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: Carefully assess the hair length before trimming.

  4. 4. Crew Cut
    Crew Cut is for the boys who desire an elegant and classy look. The length is kept slightly longer on the front to give a clean look when parted. The back and sides are tapered off to different lengths to add sharpness.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: The Crew Cut look suits teenage boys the best.

  5. 5. Hair Tattoos
    Hair tattoos are the latest trend in kids' haircuts. It is a fun way to create a unique style. Infact, hair tattoos can take your undercut or fade cuts to the next level.
    Babysutra's Expert Tip: Make sure to carefully pick the design as per the face shape of your kid.

    For Girls -

    Girls have an innate sense of creativity. It is hard to find a hairstyle that young girls have not tried on their dolls already. But BabySutra loves a good challenge. Here are some of the trending hairstyles for girls to bring out the cuteness in their little ones this winter

  1. 1. Bangs
    These are easy and made for everyone. They look well with all kinds of hair. You can experiment with different lengths and side cuts to see what looks best on your angel.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: Bangs suits all face types.

  2. 2. Pixie Cut
    Pixie cut is probably the most timeless and classy cut for girls. Pixie cut suits all face shapes and ages. It has a wide range of different styles depending upon the length of the hair and hardly requires any maintenance.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: Pixie Cuts are an easy way to protect the hair in playful activities.

  3. 3. Bob Cut
    This one is especially perfect for the girls who like to have fun outdoors. Bob cut is a go-to hairstyle for girls looking for a complete makeover or have a tomboy persona.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: Bob cut looks best on girls with voluminous hair.

  4. 4. Layers Cut
    Layers Cut are eternally fashionable. This chic haircut looks gorgeous on young girls. You can style the loose curls on medium and long-length hair. This glamorous look is perfect for parties and special occasions.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: Layers suits best on an oval face.

  5. 5. Sleek & Straight Cut
    This one is for the cool ladies! The super straight shoulder cut with rounded ends looks totally chic and fabulous. You can also go for a "V" shape as the strands run backwards to pop up the face shape.
    BabySutra's Expert Tip: This cut especially suits the girls with thick and straight hair.

Though all of these haircuts look fancy, it is essential to pick the right one for your kids. At BabySutra, our experts help you decide which hairstyle will look best on your boys and girls by carefully studying their face shape, texture, hair type, and individual personality.

Apart from the latest haircuts, we also offer hair spas in a healthy, fun-filled space. We have a wide range of styling, curling, and blow-drying for special occasions as well. If you're looking for a hair makeover for your bundle of joy, BabySutra has got your back!

Thanks for reading!