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The Right Salon for kids

It's convenient, isn't it? To take your child along with you to the same salon that you've been visiting for years? How difficult can it get to groom a kid, you think. But, unlike adults, your kid needs a specialist who will be patient, friendly, and trained specifically to deal with children.

Let's face it, when it comes to your little one, nothing ordinary will make the cut. And so, in this article, we tell you the elements you should keep in mind before choosing the right salon for your kid.

Why Kids Salon?

A kid's salon, unlike an adult salon, involves multiple factors on which the decision must depend. Some of these are - a child-friendly atmosphere, a location that your child is familiar with, grooming experts who have been trained to take care of a child, and the authenticity of the products offered and their gentleness on your child's skin.

An often ignored, but considerably important decision to be made in the early stages of child development is to make grooming a part of your child's ritual. It encourages a better sleep cycle, a sense of calm, and promotes a positive attitude. Regular visits to child salons and spas instil a good habit and boost self-confidence among children.

So, what should be on your priority list when choosing the right place? We recommend the right environment of the salon.

A common mistake that most new parents end up making is to take the child to a salon that is not equipped for them. Your normal salon isn't designed to keep your child in mind. Hence, it is important to take them to a place that is designed to keep their interest in mind. When a kid walks into a salon built solely for them, their mood automatically enhances as the environment is child-friendly.

Why Babysutra - The Perfect Destination For Your Kid's Salon?

Babysutra is one such salon created exclusively for children to come and experience a few hours of pure bliss and indulgence. It is a premium salon and spa service that offers scientifically backed services to infants, teens, and their parents. It has a variety of services such as Hydrotherapy, infant massages, hair, nails, and antenatal classes. Babysutra boasts of an environment that's a mood booster for kids and recharges them with refreshed energy. Not just kids, we have ensured to include the needs of new parents, too. While your kid relaxes, we offer special services to parents that will help them relax their nerves and unwind with us. The centres are located at prime locations in Bangalore and Mumbai, so that travel and accessibility can become easy for parents to visit with their kids.

The other focus area should be to choose the right groomer. One needs to keep in mind that spa and salon sessions get very close and personal. Hence, it is important to leave your child in the hands of an expert who understands the moods and signals of your child. Adult strangers can be very intimidating for children and especially when they are near them. Your baby needs to be eased into this environment and that can only be done by professionals trained specially to handle infants and children. The staff at Babysutra are handpicked, trained, and certified. We take special care to ensure that your baby feels safe around us. Because when the baby is at peace, the parents too can let their guards down for a few hours and relax from their parent duty. Trust us to take care of your child with utmost safety and precaution.

Another overlooked yet essential consideration that parents must have, is to take basics like a haircut or hair wash more seriously. At child-specific salons, the professionals will be trained to understand the fear of the child and hence would deal with it in a friendlier manner. The most common picture of children at regular salons is of them crying, irritated, and intimidated. How often are the places done up to ensure that the kid laughs and relaxes at a salon? Our focus at Babysutra is to create laughter and bonding while the child gets the haircut. Our professionals take them to their favourite car-shaped seat, give them absolute attention before they begin the haircut or hair wash. Our centres are done with colours, decor, and furniture that are kid-friendly and soothing to their eye. This is why kids often look forward to coming back to our centres. We don't just cut the hair; we curate an experience.

One should also keep in mind the choice of products when deciding on a child's grooming centre. The use of natural, skin-friendly products is essential. Before booking the place, one must be informed of the products used, their possible reactions to the child, and the expiry date of the products being used. These questions may seem obvious but are important considerations to make.

Best Of Services To the Little Ones

Always remember that hygiene is an essential routine in a child's life. Hence, regular visits to the salon can potentially inculcate an important habit during the early stages of your child's life. This is why it's wise to choose a brand that's accessible to you. The bookings must not be complicated. Who wants an added chore in between an already busy schedule! BabySutra understands this and has made appointments super easy for you. Simply visit our website and fill in some basic details that will take less than 5 minutes and you're ready to take your child to an exciting day out at the spa.

To new parents and their dear ones, here's one last thought that we wish to leave you with. While we spend hours trying to get the right clothes, toys, food products, and furniture for our little ones isn't it time we introduce them to the right grooming partner too?  

At Babysutra, we curate premium experiences that have been loved by children between 0-16 years. They laugh, relax, and remember every moment spent here. 

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