The Wonders of Hydrotherapy

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The Wonders of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy for infants is a type of paediatric therapy that is administered by making use of the natural resistance and buoyancy of water. It makes for an engaging and fun environment to stimulate various aspects of physical growth for infants and babies.

Hydrotherapy sessions are carried out in a one-on-one manner between the baby and the specialist, ensuring the child's safety at all times. It goes without saying that parents are always expected to supervise the activities and watch their tiny ones enjoy themselves during the session.

Hydrotherapy is especially good for babies who haven't started to walk yet as the natural buoyancy of the water makes it a lot easier for them to use their limbs freely. This is something young ones simply can't do on land. Due to this, their muscle and motor movements develop much faster (if hydrotherapy is done regularly). Not only that, aquatic exercises help them in developing a range of motion, strength, coordination and balance among other things. The natural resistance and buoyancy that water affords to the infants help in reducing their body weight and provide a safe environment to explore a new range of limb movements.

The role of water
Aquatic exercises provide babies with resistance as well as support (buoyancy). The resistance that we feel when walking in water is 10 times that of walking on land. This helps infant bodies to improve blood circulation for better muscle movements. These exercises focusing on the movement of limbs against water resistance paves the way for stronger muscles and better motor skills in infants.

Hydrotherapy at BabySutra is carried out keeping weather and temperature in mind. Our soothing warm water-filled tubs help babies relax and explore the newfound freedom of using their limbs.

    How it benefits newborn babies and infants

  1. 1. Protective environment
    The biggest benefit of hydrotherapy for babies is that it is a lot safer than land activities. At BabySutra, it is our first and foremost priority to make hydrotherapy sessions as safe and enjoyable for babies as possible. This is done so that they don't develop a fear of water as they grow up. When infants are under supervision, water itself makes for a safe environment for them to be immersed in. Aquatic exercises have a much lesser potential of turning physically harmful unlike how land-based exercises can sometimes become. For example, when a baby learns to walk or paddle in the water, it is much safer and progressive for their muscles than when they first try to walk on land.

  2. 2. Improved range of motion and muscle strength
    The ability to move limbs is highly limited for newborn babies and infants due to the lack of proper muscle development. Hydrotherapyis a great help for babies to discover a new range of limb movement and practice them repeatedly for better and faster muscle development. A lesser-known benefit of hydrotherapy for infants is that the exercises help develop their ligaments and joints faster. Thus making it easier for them to start walking on land later. The resistance or buoyancy of water also helps infants to develop better balance and coordination while moving their limbs.

  3. 3. Helps them regulate sleep and hunger
    It is natural for little ones to get hungry and tuckered out after the fun but exhausting water exercises they get to perform during hydrotherapy sessions. Increased hunger leads to the betterment of overall growth in babies. Improved and increased sleeping time helps their muscles in recovering and developing faster. And regardless of age, who hasn't slept like a baby after a tiresome swimming session?

  4. 4. Act as a catalyst for the differently-abled
    Studies have proven that hydrotherapy helps differently-abled infants reach developmental milestones faster. For example, infants diagnosed with cerebral palsy can improve their balancing and motor skills with hydrotherapy much faster than land exercises. There are many scenarios where little ones might need extra help in achieving physical development goals such as crawling, rolling or walking. Now, because water provides safe passage for limb movement and a better environment for developing body balance, differently-abled infants stand a better chance of achieving afore mentioned developmental milestones.

Hydrotherapy at BabySutra
Hydrotherapy experts at BabySutra go through rigorous training to ensure the topmost safety of babies during sessions. Our experts closely supervise your little ones for the entire duration of the session while also making it fun and relaxing. We always take the full consent of the parents/guardians before going ahead with any activity or exercise.

On an ending note,it is true that babies do not have the patience or strength of grown-ups. This is why professional paediatric therapists promote and prescribe hydrotherapy for infants. The highly-effective advantages of aquatic exercises have made hydrotherapy popular among parents. So come and see for yourself how safe and enjoyable hydrotherapy sessions can be for your little ones at BabySutra.

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