The Cute-Cool Nail Art Trends for 2022

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The Cute-Cool Nail Art Trends for 2022

The Cute-Cool Nail Art Trends For 2022 | BabySutra

There is a certain fancy factor associated with the term Nail art . The craze around nail art when it first came to being was astronomical. And now here we are in 2022, bringing the coolest trending nail art. Except for this time, we at BabySutra are doing it for kids.

As kids, everyone found their mom's bottle of nail paint at least once and made art with it on the walls, floor, and sometimes, on their bodies. That's probably still a ritualistic behaviour in kids and we support that. It is important for kids to creatively express themselves. These days, the young ones are more aware of the latest trends and are comfortable using fashion as a medium to portray their personalities. BabySutra appreciates their internet ransacking skills and we are here to bring that to life!

Children are so full of life that even the idea of cute lemons and strawberries on their backpacks and shoes makes them all go crazy with joy. So why leave the nails out? The tiny hands all ready to explore something new deserve to look pretty before they go on their next expedition. Just the idea of pretty colours on tiny nails sounds like one of the loveliest things. You would be surprised how popular nail art is among kids these days.

To help you and your kids explore their creative side, BabySutra has put together a bunch of cute-cool stuff that you could do to your kid's nails and it's almost therapeutic to look at.


Here are some of the trending cute and cool nail art designs for the little fingers by BabySutra -

Ladybug Nails
This simple yet cute design only needs three colours red, black, and white. Start with a red base coat. Draw the lines with swift black strokes. Add some dots. Do two little eyes with white paint and add black for the eyeballs again. There it is!

You're bound to fall in love with something that cute.


Polka Dot Nails
This design is so cute and gives out a fun and frolic vibe. Also, it is super easy to create. Just paint the nails with bright colours and then use a q-tip or anything that has a rounded bottom. All you need to do is dip it into the white nail paint and create small dots all over the nail bed.

You're bound to fall in love with something that cute.


Zig-Zag Nails
This is another fun to do and super cute design that your child will love. This design can be created by using different colours. Just create a mix of patterns that add interest and look great together. With 2 colours alternating on every other nail as the base, apply different colours to create the patterns. Do polka dots on one nail, vertical stripes on the next, zig-zags, horizontal stripes, and so on.

There's a lot of activity in this design and we are pretty sure it will match the mood. In fact, this design has even been one of the most popularly asked for at BabySutra!


Cupcake Nails
Nails that look just as delicious as cupcakes! Start with a pink base colour, apply white to the tips with a bit of edge facing toward the base of the nail to form the frosting. Then add a red dot in the top center of the white and you'll have perfectly adorable cupcakes.


Ice-cream Nails
Another cute and trending food-inspired nail design. Begin with a lovely any coloured base and work your way up to ice cream cones on the nails. To complete the look, use lovely pastels to create small short lines in various directions on the remaining nails as well as the ice cream.


Strawberry Nails
To create a cute and sweet strawberry design begin with a strawberry red base then add green at the base to produce the leaves. For the seeds, add a few tiny white polka dots down the nail and you're done! These strawberries will look as delicious as any and has been a BabySutra favourite too!


Rainbow Nails
To create this colourful and fun nail design, start with a light coloured base. Then do the clouds carefully with white nail paint. Use bright coloured nail paints like red, green, blue for the rainbow pattern. That's it. Your kid now has beautiful rainbow nails.


Unicorn Nails
Unicorns are mythical animals that are adored by kids. A little tricky to do on tiny nails but BabySutra has got you covered.

Unicorns look super cute and also very fun to do on nails. Start by applying any colour of nail paint on the nails, then with a thin brush carefully draw the features of a unicorn. Boom! Your beautiful unicorn nails are ready.


In fact, BabySutra has introduced their whole new Mermaizing Mermaid and Dazzling Unicorn Pedicures. This gets better than your usual pedicure and you get customised mermaid and unicorn nail art as a part of the pedicure package itself. Both Mermaizing Mermaid and Dazzling Unicorn Pedicure are BabySutra exclusive and you won't be finding them anywhere else. Our pedicures are done remembering the fact that they are for kids. We use chemical-free colourful bath bombs and various other healthy and certified products that are harmless and will nourish kids' skin.

And of course, know kids love mermaids and unicorns. This is the perfect time to explore fiction and fantasy and we have crafted our new exclusives just for that.

To make it even better, our spa parties are always open and available to delight your day. Book your spot, customise your preferred services and experience relaxation and fun while we take care of everything you need. There are only so many things that are better than getting your nails done while partying. Getting unicorns done on your nails while partying might be one of them.

Why choose BabySutra?
Nail art can be tricky and time-consuming, especially for kids who barely ever want to sit still. And we don't recommend adult products on young ones' nails. But we have got you covered!

At BabySutra, our professionals specialise in kids' beauty and grooming. We take care of your children's imaginations and nails very well. The kid's comfort is our topmost priority. Our trained stylists become your little ones' fashion besties as they bond over all things fashionable and trendy. Also, we utilise chemical-free products keeping your child's comfort and safety in mind.

Our services have been carefully crafted to guarantee that children enjoy and have a great time. In addition to trendy nail arts, we provide Normal Manicure, Spa-Tacular Manicure and Pedicure, Normal Pedicure, and Sweet Treat Pedicure as well.

We aim to curate quality experiences that children enjoy. BabySutra is the perfect place for your little ones to unwind, relax and cherish every moment spent here.

Thanks for reading!

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