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Blog-Post-16 Slime Making- The Latest Trend In Creative Learning

Slime Making - The Latest Trend In Creative Learning

What is slime?
Slime has been trending as the DIY craze all over the world for years now and kids everywhere are becoming instant fans. Slime is a gooey, sticky, semi-solid, and highly mouldable substance that children find irresistible to touch and play with. It has been discovered in various recent scientific studies focusing on kids about how making and playing with slime is beneficial to little humans.

Slime made its presence known a few years back and decided to do what slime does best - it stuck around ever since! Kids and adults all over the world love to play with the gooey, sticky, colorfully messy thing, and for good reason. Although it may look suspicious in appearance to adults who have never seen slime in person, it is perfectly safe for kids to make and play with. This blog by BabySutra is focused on how kids can learn to make their own slime and understand what benefits the process can deliver to children. So, if you've been holding back on letting your kid have a go at it, read on to know its benefits.

Motivations To Let Kids Make Their Own Slime:
Slime making is the perfect opportunity to show creativity
Not only is playing with slime fun for kids but being able to make it adds a whole new level in understanding how slime comes to be. All that kids need to make and perfect their slime recipes is a few ingredients and an entertaining teacher. Our team of trained professionals at BabySutra brings exactly that.

Kids can explore an entirely new way of bringing out their creativity with professionally guided slime-making sessions at BabySutra. We exclusively use products that are safe for kids and keep close supervision while ensuring they have as much fun making new combinations as possible. The ingredients we provide are slime liquid and an activator to make slime. We also provide disposable aprons, sanitary towels, and sanitizer to keep clean up as easy as possible.

Problem-solving skills and slime
As much fun as it can be to make the slime of their dreams, kids are bound to make mistakes. Making the perfect batch of slime with the consistency just right is nearly impossible on the first try. This provides kids with the opportunity to understand where they went wrong in the recipe.

The bright side to making slime is that kids can't go wrong even if they do! All they need to perfect a batch of fresh slime is to adjust their ingredients and see how each try turns out. This may look like any other pass time to adults but it helps kids with developing problem-solving skills. Each new trial is a mini problem to solve in the most fun way possible.

Understanding and perfecting slime making can keep kids engaged and entertained for a good amount of time. During the sessions, our guides give plenty of attention to each kid and help them figure out the recipe in the best way possible.

Slime-making encourages self-engagement...
Every kid has different personality traits which develop from the get-go. Some kids are naturally good at socializing with other kids, whereas shy or introverted kid tend to struggle the most. Turns out, slime making might just be the solution for that problem! It allows each kid to work in solitude while also being actively engaged in the task.

...and socializing with others
Some kids need their time and space to feel comfortable and confident enough to socialize with other kid their age. Slime-making provides the perfect opportunity for that. Not only can kids take their time with their separate batches but they can also work together on a friendly project if they wish to. Like most things for children, playing with slime feels way more fun when done with friends. Making slime with each other can help kids come out of their shells and explore social activities. It can also help in promoting team-building with older kids.

Slime making is a calming process
The process of making slime is a type of sensory play, meaning it engages them physically as well as mentally. A guided slime-making workshop at BabySutra can help kids with regulating their emotions. The stress of getting the recipe wrong, the anticipation of trying again, the relief of making a perfect batch. Kids go through all that and many other emotions when immersed in the mighty task of making slime. This helps them with developing confidence throughout the process.

Swirling, stretching, kneading, or mixing different slimes together proves to be a very calming activity for kids. Getting down messy and busying themselves with making slime is the best experience you can gift your kids at BabySutra.

Kids need help with socializing in their infancy and young age and what's better than becoming friends while making slime together? Book a 'Slime Time' session at BabySutra salon so your little one can take advantage of all the benefits of slime making. Our slime-making workshops are open to kids from ages 3 to 12 years. Slime time is one of the many other activities that you can sign your kids up for. We provide other luxury services for children such as Spa parties, nail and hair salons, hydrotherapy among other activities.

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