Parent-Child Bonding 101:A 'Know How' Guide

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Parent-Child Bonding 101:A 'Know How' Guide

Did you know that babies who are comforted and held throughout their growing years tend to become confident and secure adults? This is a part of the process known as 'bonding'. Even though it is thought of as a naturally happening process, some parents may find it hard to understand how to properly connect with their new-born or toddler. And even if it comes naturally to some; there is always room for improvement.

Some ways that a child can call for attention is by fussing or crying, trying to reach you by their hands, making eye contact, etc. These small acts are the very first stepping stones for parent-child bonding. Paying heed to these initiations and responding to your baby is crucial as these make their basis for interacting with others.

When a parent or caregiver is consistent in responding to their child's needs, it helps the baby to develop a strong attachment and trusting relationship. It also helps the child to develop healthy relationships with other people in later life.

When Things Aren't Easy
It takes a different approach to develop a parental bond when things don't work out naturally. For example, when a baby is premature and needs special ICU care? Or when mothers suffer postpartum physical trauma and can't look after the baby immediately? Sometimes mothers may even get a case of postpartum depression and interacting with their newborn becomes difficult. Thankfully, the process of initiating, developing and maintaining the parental bond is not thrown off balance by these instances. As long as parents are willing to put in the effort and pay attention to their baby's initiations, bonding can be developed and improved upon every day.

How dads become the best role models
It is absolutely important for fathers to bond with their kids regardless of the child's age. Newborn babies need more one on one time with their fathers for interactions. It can be normal for new fathers to not feel as confident as mothers around the baby. They may even end up feeling excluded from the seemingly better bond that a baby develops with the mother.

In this case, fathers can try and take up as much time with their kids alone as they can. Simple acts like holding the child close to their body, smiling at them and comforting a fussy baby can go a long way to establish a strong attachment between the father and child. And as the years pass those activities can evolve into taking walks together, playing different types of sports, reading or watching educational things, etc.

With new times rolling in we see fathers becoming aware and eager to be more involved in the journey of raising a child. It is also imperative that fathers understand the extent of providing support to expecting mothers before, during and after childbirth. This is the second most important aspect of parent-child bonding because even though kids learn by one on one interaction, they also learn just as much, if not more, by observation.

When kids observe the style of interactions between their parents it hardwires certain unspoken communication rules in them. For example, if parents talk to each other with respect in front of the kid even when they disagree, the child learns that respect is foremost regardless of context. The same is true for when parents may end up fighting in front of their child which could lead the toddler to deduce that showing unjustified anger is acceptable. Parents should become more considerate of how they treat each other in front of their children to help set healthy patterns of interactions in their learning minds.

Stepping stones for peer relationships
Another crucial bond that infants and toddlers develop is with their siblings. This bond is as important as the parental bond too but in its own way, it helps children develop another aspect of socializing. It is the foundation for future peer bonding that children will get a chance to develop as they grow and join schools. Having a healthy connection to their siblings is important as it often leads the way in what type of friends they select. Parents have an upper hand in directing how this bond forms and develops over time as they can help guide young ones on conflict resolution and kindness towards others.

One way to do this is by setting up play dates with other parents and their kids. Things like visiting a park or going for a local picnic, etc. can give ample opportunities for little ones to socialize. Such 'playdates' give kids many opportunities to socialize and form friendships. Kids who bond over different activities together from an early age tend to form good bonds with other kids their age more easily.

At BabySutra you can sign up your toddler for plenty of such opportunities. All our services are professionally arranged that aim to focus on keeping the atmosphere fun and safe for kids. Themed spa parties for kids, hair and nails salon, slime-making workshops, etc. provide a safe space for kids to participate in activities together under gentle supervision. We supervise all kids because it is important to make sure they are communicating and enjoying their time safely.

BabySutra also provides other services that can help you bond with your infant. Such as the 'mommy and me spa day' package which helps mothers connect with their kids in a totally relaxing environment, free of all duties. This is a great way to bond with your little one as BabySutra provides a safe and calming environment for all mentioned activities. There are also many options that cater to children till age 12 such as the SlimeTime workshop, the nail salon, spa parties etc. At BabySutra we focus on making each activity a safe and creative space where children can open up and explore themselves under expert supervision.

The myth of 'spoiling' a child with care
There is no exaggeration when we say it is very important that an infant's parents give a lot of attention to their babies' needs and wants. That is because when the baby isn't heard or paid attention to in their time of need, it ends up negatively affecting their ability to form healthier relationships. There has been an age-long belief that excessive attention ends up spoiling kids. This is false because when parents fail to respond quickly to a child's cry for attention it makes them even more desperate. If this becomes routine then it can lead to children developing behavioural issues and as a result become prone to 'acting out'.

Regardless of myths or beliefs even spoiling your kid can be fun when done right. Book a haircut or spa session for your little one at BabySutra and gift them with new and exciting experiences. There are many services that we offer for you to choose from. You can opt for themed parties that allow kids to socialize in a fun environment. And there are one on one spa sessions also available for parents to relax and connect with their children while being pampered.

Bonding is a very personal and complex process that takes time and patience from the parents' side. And it doesn't stop when the kid stops being a kid! Maintaining good parental bonding with your child well into their adulthood is just as important as making sure your toddler feels heard and seen.

There are many amazing milestones that parents can strive to achieve when raising their little ones. But once in a while, every parent needs a break to catch up on their own needs and have a little pampering. BabySutra can help with the many exciting services you can avail of here for a day full of fun and memorable moments to bond over with your little ones.

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