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Monsoon Hair Care For Children and Teens

Rain, Rain, Go away, come again another day!' Let your kids play to their heart's content this monsoon and worry less about their hair problems. Monsoons are that time of the year everybody longs for. Long, sweltering summers are exhaustive, and monsoons are responsible for shifting our moods. A happy monsoon is a healthy monsoon. This is the time when our body needs extra care and nourishment. Especially the hair that is often neglected.

Kids would love a good play out in the rain or indulge in street foods to satiate their cravings. Monsoons are the times when your kids tend to fall sick, and as a parent, you tend to take all the measures to keep your child healthy. Hair care and nourishment are as crucial as the rest of the body. Due to high humidity levels, dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair fall are major concerns of the season. It is proven that hair fall increases during the monsoons. High humidity levels produce excess sebum, and the accumulation of sebum at the roots of your scalp becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which leads to hair fall. So, extra care is needed for your child's hair.

Tips for good hair days throughout monsoons:

Have Less Contact!

Of course, our hair gets wet very often in the rain during the season. But it would help to have no or less contact with the rainwater. Avoiding it is very good for the hair as rainwater is acidic and dirty. This makes the hair frizzy and dry, which leads to excessive hair fall. The lesser the contact between your kid's hair and the rainwater, the healthier it will stay.

Dry as a desert!

Having your kids maintain dry hair, especially during monsoon, is important. The excessive moisture in the air will make the hair oily. Leaving their hair wet after the shower or tying your girl's hair into buns will fuel hair loss. Using a soft fabric cloth in gentle motions to cause less breakage.

What a Wash!

As much as it is important to stay away from rainwater, it is very important for your kids to wash their hair. A good sulphate-free shampoo is essential for healthy hair. Your kids must wash their hairtwice or thrice a week using a gentle, natural shampoo that helps in reducing hair fall. Anti-bacterial shampoos are very beneficial if your kids are suffering from the itchy scalp or dandruff-related issues. A gentle massage while shampooing their hair will ensure proper blood flow.

So Oily!

Even though monsoons are humid and might make the hair sticky, nourishing those strands is equally important. Organic coconut oil has all the necessary benefits for proper hair growth and nourishment. Giving your child a good oil massage before the shower will provide the required moisture to the hair and keeps it healthy. It is important not to oil the hair overnight. 15-20 minutes before shampooing is more than enough.
BabySutra offers oil massage sessions that are highly nourishing and we use organic coconut oil for healthy hair. Our expert staff will ensure that the massage sessions are carried out with utmost care.

Gut Health!

Healthy gut health will show its glory on the outside. A balanced diet and a healthy gut will have a tremendous effect on the skin and hair. Proper intake of proteins, greens, vegetables, and nuts will give shine and lustre hair in their growing years.

Salon Time!

Trim those extra ends and get a good hair nourishing massage that improves blood circulation. During monsoons, it is better to keep the hair short to have a hassle-free and fuss-free hair routine. BabySutra offershaircuts and hair massages for young kids and teens. It is one of the best kid salons out there that offers a wide range of services for your kid's grooming needs.
BabySutra offers services like hair spa, and detangling sessions that nourish and gives a good shine to the hair. Hair spa that we offer provides all the essentials that the roots and strands need. The hair care products that are used are organic that do not cause any harm to the hair.

Extra love!

Spa time and some extra love for the hair will do no harm! Occasional hair nourishing indulgences like hair spas and hair massages will provide that extra shine and volume to the hair. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to rendering the best service possible in a friendly atmosphere.
BabySutra is one of those unique salons for kids and teens that focuses on experience and individual satisfaction. You can avail the services from experts at a BabySutra store near you in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

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