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HOW TO PREPAREKids For Holi (7)


How To Prepare Your kids For Holi | BabySutra

Holi might be the only festival that people of all ages get excited about the celebration. It's the perfect combination of messy, playful and deliciously indulgent that anyone can dream of. Although unfortunately, it hasn't been long since Holi became a festival of more precaution than fun. Parents are hesitant in letting their kids enjoy the festival because of the harmful and long-lasting side effects the chemicals, Holi colours can have on their kid's skin, hair and nails.

So to help parents better navigate precautions and preparations, here is the list of all things to make your kid's Holi as safely enjoyable as possible, as suggested by BabySutra experts:

1. Make friends with good oils
Some old wife's tales have stood the test of time over decades, this being one of them. Oils help keep chemicals from getting absorbed into the skin. Coconut oil or mustard oil is the most popular go-to option for many Indian households. Though our experts at
BabySutra suggest a combination of both coconut and mustard oil can also be used as well as petroleum jelly. Though petroleum jelly doesn't particularly nourish skin, it is the next best option for ensuring your kid has a protective layer to avoid absorbing chemicals through their skin.
Sunscreen should also be applied on exposed skin as Holi comes around when summer is in full bloom and sunburn is another common skin problem that can give kids rashes.

2. Seek out and recommend natural colours
Avoid chemically treated colours at all costs. Parents need to do their due diligence and search for plant-based or natural colours and also recommend them to the parents of other kids that play together with their little ones. This way a group of conscious adults can collectively make sure their kids are enjoying Holi in the safest way possible and cut down on skin, hair and nail problems by a huge degree.

3. Protective clothing choices
The idea is to avoid as much direct contact of colours with your kid's skin as possible. So, after applying the oils/petroleum jelly and sunscreen, make sure your kid is wearing full-sleeved tees and full leg covering lowers. This also ensures that kids are safe from getting sunburned while playing in the outrageous summer heat.

4. Teach them good water manners
All adults who have played Holi since childhood remember how painful the force of a water balloon is. Even though it's fun when played with proper precaution, kids tend to forego it all in the excitement of the moment. Teach your kids to aim water balloons only on non-sensitive body parts when playing with other kids. Also teach them proper water manners because when it comes to Holi, there is a lot to learn about consent.
Teach kids how forcing someone to play when they don't want to play is not a good habit. Not aiming water guns or water balloons at other people's faces or ears is also a good place to start teaching kids about these manners. This helps them avoid conflicts with other unwilling kids who feel forced to play and resort to fighting their way out.

5. Keeping hydrated throughout playtime
Children tend to lose track of time during play regardless of whether they're celebrating a festival or just going out to meet their friends every day. This usually leads to kids forgetting to drink water for hours on end making them tired and lethargic. Since summer rages in full temperatures on and around Holi, it is important to remind kids to keep drinking water every hour or so when playing Holi out in the sun with their friends.

6. Promote good eating habits
Indulging in delicacies is as much a part of Holi as it is of any other festival. But with Holi, parents must teach hygienic eating habits to kids and make sure they wash up after playing with colours and before digging into meals. Parents should advise kids to keep a bar of soap handy and use it every time they decide to snack during Holi playtime.

7. Stranger danger and alertness
Unfortunately, since we do not live in an ideal society, Holi is also a vulnerable time for kids to accept food items from strangers. Parents should teach their kids about only accepting beverages and food offerings from home or from people they know. In all cases, kids should be advised to keep their parents updated on everything they consume outside of their homes.

8. Emergency contacts
Parents should have a list of people to contact in an emergency ready on their phones. Mishaps or accidents can happen with kids playing Holi and is it better to be safe and prepared in case you need to address an emergency ASAP.

9. Educate and make aware
The most important suggestion to parents is to educate their kids on using resources instead of misusing them. It is also a good time to introduce your kids to the concept of good touch and bad touch. Holi is a celebration, which while most people enjoy, some might end up not having a good time. Holi is the time to make fond memories and teaching a little bit of body and environmental awareness to kids can go a long way with keeping them safe when having fun.

.Holi is a celebration that all kids are tempted to participate in. It is only natural that they could make mistakes or don't understand complex concepts like consent. Nor do kids understand how important hair and skincare is. As parents, it is our duty to sit them down and make them understand with as much sensitivity as possible to ensure their Holi is safe and enjoyable.

With this, we wish you a very joyous and colourful Holi.
Team BabySutra

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