First Tonsure (Mundan): All You Need To Know

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First Tonsure (Mundan): All You Need To Know

First Tonsure (Mundan) : All You Need To Know | BabySutra

Shaving a newborn's head or tonsure is a full-fledged ceremony in many cultures. In Hinduism, it is known as Mundan. There are many dimensions to this ritual that can make it confusing for first-time parents to know what to do. So let BabySutra explain the details about mundan and how to go about it.

What is mundan and why is it important to perform?

Mundan is considered an auspicious and important traditional ceremony in India. A baby's first hair is shaved off completely and offered to the gods as a part of the Hindu mundan ceremony. Kids of ages 3 months to 3 years as some parents prefer to shave their kid's hair as early as possible while some parents opt till the baby is able to hold his/her head without help. In some cases, a baby's hair growth also plays a vital role. If a kid's hair grows at a fast rate then it is preferred to have his/her mundan within 3-5 months after birth.

Hindus believe that completely shaving "womb hair" or "first hair" off a baby's head rids them of their past life sins and purifies their body. Similarly, there are many other beliefs one can find in other cultures surrounding the first tonsure. Some of these beliefs consist of thinking the kid is relieved and aided in keeping a cool head during summers. It is also believed that shaving off hair helps the babies grow more beautiful and healthy hair.

How is the ritual of mundan performed?
As with any other auspicious ceremony, a mundan is carried out only after a pundit predicts an auspicious time and day. Pundits calculate this depending on the baby's birthday and time. Not only that, it is decided to keep other astrological factors in mind by the priest. Traditionally on the day of the mundan muhrat, the mother would be seated in front of a havan with the baby in her lap while the priests chant mantras and a barber shaves their hair off. This havan could be performed in homes as well as temples but nowadays new parents choose to opt for simpler, more routine ways. This is because fire, loud noise and strangers handling their hair agitates many babies and makes it a stressful experience for them.

Myths and facts about mundan
A fact that many people consider a myth is that shaving a babie's first hair paves way for healthier hair growth. Though it is true that healthier hair growth isn't guaranteed if an adult were to shave off their hair. It is almost always the case with kids who get their first hair shaved off. The interesting thing about this actually has nothing to do with shaving but everything to do with the child's growth. Kids generally have spare and thin first hair on their heads but as new hair comes in after the mundan, it is drastically different in appearance. This happens because shaving their heads creates more room for new hair to grow and evens out the growth so that new hair comes in thicker and stronger.

Where to get it done?

Are you confused about where to get your little one's mundan done? Given how stress-inducing the traditional ritualistic mundan ceremony is, it's no surprise that people nowadays want to avoid exposing their young kids to that. Getting a muhrat from the priest and setting an appointment at a kid's salon is the popular go-to choice for new parents. That's exactly where we step in. Head over to BabySutra for a hassle-free and relaxing mundan appointment for your little one.

Our hair stylists are well trained in keeping the experience as calm and soothing as possible for kids. We are equipped to organize mundan ceremonies and will be more than happy to host your little one's first tonsure. It is also important for parents to realize how the first haircut sets the threshold for future routine haircuts. Hence making the mundan ceremony a relaxing experience helps in getting your kid becoming familiar with people handling their hair.

Precautions to take before the mundan
As per BabySutra experts, there are a few things that parents need to keep a checklist of on the day of the mundan:

1. Wash the baby's hair
To ensure that your baby's mundan goes as smoothly as possible, it is important to wash their hair. This helps get rid of dirt and tangled hair which may cause trouble during the shave. It also helps to avoid any scalp infections.

2. Make sure your little one has their tummy full
Feeding your baby before any major ceremony is the best practice as it puts them in a relaxed and stress-free mood. It is also helpful for a kid to be well-rested during the mundan as even the slightest hassle could cause an injury during the ceremony.

3. Only choose professional barbers
It goes without saying that people nowadays are more mindful of choosing professional salons over other options. Get your stress free mundan appointment at BabySutra and forget all your mundan-related worries. Our stylists are professionals at handling kids of all ages, all our equipment is sterilized regularly and we have the perfect setting to give your little one the best mundan experience.

4. Give your baby a bath post mundan
Make sure your baby is rid of all infection causing dirt and bacteria after the mundan by giving them a warm bath after the ceremony. This way your little one can relax and be put to sleep right after the long day.

5. Get those cameras out!
Don't miss out on making this into a fond memory to look back on with your kids together. Go ahead and keep your camera ready to record the ceremony!

Call BabySutra at +91 7829 975 555 to book your baby's mundan ceremony. BabySutra is a high end premium salon build exclusively for kids. We have our branches in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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