Everything You Need To Know About Cutting Your Kids' Nails

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Everything You Need To Know About Cutting Your Kids' Nails

You Need To Know About Cutting Your Kid's Nails | BabySutra

Kids always seem to get scared or upset when getting their nails clipped and it is a natural 'kid' thing to happen. But nails need to be clipped whatsoever. Nail hygiene is a really important part of basic cleanliness that kids need to be taught in their early years. Since they are always going places with their curiosity, it's a great idea to teach them about nail hygiene in a way that they might actually like.

At BabySutra, we have come up with a lot of great and convenient ideas about nail care that could help a child grow interested in nail care and enjoy the same as well. We bring fun alongside manicures to the table and we have some great tips on what you need to do about cutting your baby's nails.

Be Gentle
Kids' nails are far more tender than adults'. Naturally, they are more susceptible to injuries than ournails are. Being gentle is the most basic thing to do when cutting your kid's nails. Make sure to be careful and trim in a straight line. Ensure small things like having enough light around you when you're doing their nails.

Trimming nails after a bath is a good idea as well. Nails tend to be softer after a bath and that makes cutting them safer. If your kid is not agreeing to a bath, have them dip their nails in lukewarm water before trimming them. That should work just as fine.

Try Different Tools
Kids do seem like they dread nail clippers and that is not surprising. Even the snip-snap sound of clippers gets them sometimes. If it's causing meltdowns, shifting to a different tool might help. There are a lot more options other than traditional nail clippers that you could try. Kids seem to like nail scissors better sometimes. Even a gentle emery board works just fine. Make sure that any product you use is safe for kids. Try not to use adult products that might be too sharp or harsh for them.

Choosing the right tool is quite essential. Kids may prefer or be suited to different products. At BabySutra, our trained professionals give kids the freedom to choose what they want and how they get it. It builds the kid's trust towards the process and they might as well start enjoying it more than they thought.

Make It A Little More Fun
Once again, kids can find trimming nails stressful. It becomes a minor issue as we grow up but it is different for a child who is only just getting used to these new activities which also involve sharp objects. So kids have all the reasons to be scared. Cutting their nails when they are not comfortable will only make them more afraid or unwilling to do it again. The solution to this is easy. Try to make them as comfortable as possible. Do it in a room or place that they like, but always make sure that the place has adequate light for nail trimming. Hand them a toy, tell them a story or play them their favorite song. While the process is in continuation, ensure their physical movement is minimal.

Engaging the child in an activity is always effective. If they're having fun while trimming nails, they would look forward to it. You may even give the little one candy after they are done. Will possibly make the work easier for next time.

Speaking Of Treats
Who doesn't love a good treat? We know kids love candies and sweets, but we could switch that up a little. If nail trimming is getting a little tricky with your kid, why not treat them to some prettier-looking nails? Kids with endless enthusiasm and curiosity seem to love getting their hands on anything that looks bright, new, and interesting to them.

Nail art is a great way to meet that enthusiasm the right way. You could use their favorite solid color. If they want more activity than just plain colors, try out some simple nail art designs! There are many ways to do this and you can try out all kinds of designs and shapes. Do a simple strawberry or ladybug pattern, anything that they like or find interesting. Professionals at BabySutra have observed that kids love nail art and are much more enthused and interested in the process if you add some colors to it. Treating kids to cute and nicely done nails at the end will sail anyone through the trimming process. Our professionals also recommend letting the kids choose what they want to get done. In the end, they are happy and are no longer running away from their manicure sessions.

BabySutra specializes in nail art. Our professionals offer a variety of designs and let the kids customize their own. We let the kids choose their pace for manicures and pedicures and we know just the best ways to keep them entertained while our professionals are at work. And we top it with the cutest nail arts that the kids choose for themselves. There is no dearth of designs at our studio since we have a pretty vast catalog of designs you could pick your favorites from. We also have our very own BabySutra exclusives.

The list of things you could do at BabySutra is quite long and we are here to cater to our clients' demands and satisfaction to the best of our efforts.

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