Different Braids Styles for Your Princess

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Different Braids Styles for Your Princess

Different Braids Styles for Your Princess | BabySutra

Braids are the most popular hairstyles across all ages and offer a touch of glam as well. They have a wide variety of techniques and patterns and are undoubtedly the cutest option for your princess' hair. It is fun, easy to do, and helps keep your little one's hair from tangling and getting dirty.

Hence, BabySutra experts have complied a cute and funky braid hairstyles list for your kids, for both young ones and toddler girls.

1. Fishtail Braid
Fishtail is a popular and classic braid style that offers a smart look without compromising on the style. The fishtail braid looks super cute with a nice bow elastic tied as a ponytail at the end. You can also use pretty hair clips to bring out the cuteness. This style works best on summer dresses and frocks.


BabySutra Expert Tip: Fishtail braid suits kids with round-shapedfaces and straight hair texture.

2. French Braid
This hairstyle needs no introduction. Regarded as the epitome of grace and charm, French braid styles are only limited by your imagination and time at hand. Traditionally, a French braid is made by splitting the hair into three strands and braiding together from the crown to the bottom tip. But you can try different combinations to create your own style as well.


BabySutra Expert Tip: French braids are preferred for wavy, straight, or silky hair types only. An ideal hairstyle for casual parties and small events.

3. Floral Crown Braid
Every princess deserves a crown! And this soft and pretty-looking braid hairstyle is the perfect one for your cute girls. Just part the hair into two uneven sides and start braiding on the thicker side. Pull in new strands from the middle and keep the braid low as per the hairline. Use the loose strands to perfectly shape the crown in the end.


BabySutra Expert Tip: This braid style looks best on oval, round and square face shapes and works for any hair texture as long as the hair is untangled.

4. Criss-Cross Braid
This braid style is especially for tiny tots. Gather the hair from the front and make two side-parted braids. Now criss-cross the braids to the other side and finish it with a tight hairband, preferably with a cute accessory, to complete the look. Your toddler is ready for playtime or an outing with family.


BabySutra Expert Tip: Criss-Cross braid style matches well to oval and heart shape face. This hairstyle is particularly helpful during summer and monsoon time.

5. Messy Crown Braid
This is a quick and easy-to-make braid style with a casual vibe. Pull back the hair and secure them at the crown. Now part the flowing hair in two and braid them loosely. Make a bun at the crown and voila! The curls and wisps of hair create a softer, more ethereal look.


BabySutra Expert Tip: Messy Crown braid suits all face types and hair textures.

6. Twisted Tail Braid
Let's spice up the basic ponytail by mixing it with braids! Twisted Tail braid is super easy to make and yet looks very classy. Just gather the hair in a pony and secure it with a hairband. Now pick one side and draft a strand of lock and braid it tightly.Snake it around the pony and tighten the ends with a band.


BabySutra Expert Tip: This is a perfect hairstyle for winters and suits well on a round and oval face shape.

7. The Princess Tiara
This is the latest olive branch hairband look.Start with sectioning the strands from either side of the head and braiding them in a way to meet in the middle from where you build a pony or a separate braid from it.


BabySutra Expert Tip: This hairstyle is best for young ones with an oval, round and square face shape.

8. Waterfall Braid
This braid style is the latest trend on the Internet and is super easy to make. The braid is brought in from the side and hair is left open with soft curls. Leave the remaining hair to let it freely flow like a waterfall. Add some sparkling accessories to notch up the style quotient.


BabySutra Expert Tip: Waterfall Braids is specifically for girls who have soft waves or curly hair.

9. The Heart at the End
This is a rather tricky braid style to make. For this style, part the hair from the middle and then braid it from both sides. Use soft pins to attach the braids in a heart and secure the heart with a tie to maintain the shape.


BabySutra Expert Tip: This is a look for special occasions and goes exceptionally well on almond brown and blonde hair.

10. African Braids with Beads
This popular and stylish hairstyle is full of funk. Make multiple braid strands and tie them together in a parallel or criss-cross manner. Use colorful beads to add some flare. You can experiment with them to create as many books as you want.


BabySutra Expert Tip: This is best suited for curly hair; the longer the hair, the better it looks.

Braids are adorable and offer a wide variety of styles. They work for all ages and there is something for everyone no matter the face shape, hair texture, and individual persona. But picking the right style can get excruciatingly confusing for parents. That is where comes in. At BabySutra, we help you decide which hairstyle will look best on your darling daughter. And in case you want something off this list, just say the word and our experts will work their magic to create your specifically requested hairstyles.

Apart from the latest hairstyles, we also offer haircuts and hair spas in a healthy, fun-filled space. We have a wide range of styling, curling, and blow-drying for special occasions as well. If you're looking for a hair makeover for your bundle of joy, BabySutra has got your back!

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