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Bye-Bye Dandruff, Hello Healthy Hair

Bye-Bye Dandruff, Hello Healthy Hair | BabySutra

Dandruff for us may be associated with our hair tied up, obsessively looking for white flakes on our clothes and dusting them off like clockwork, and hiding over-the-counter shampoos, praying they work for your scalp and turn this nightmare around in four days as it claims. But little do people know, kids are not safe from the anger of the skin gods. Don't sweat though, we have got you covered with how you can check if your kid has dandruff and treat it with fool-proof methods.

What is dandruff?
Dandruff is a skin condition that causes the skin on the scalp to become very dry, flaky, and itchy. It usually happens either because of build-up on the scalp which irritates the skin or because of allergies. Dandruff in kids is not contagious, though it can be very inconvenient for the kids. In some cases, the weather or skin allergies, or sickness can cause kids to develop dandruff and an itchy scalp. Some hair or skin care products can also trigger this condition in kids as their bodies aren't suited to many ingredients yet and its normal for them to get reactions due to that. Did you know that dandruff is very common for kids to have and even teenagers and adults? You would be even more relieved to hear that its easy to treat in kids!

How to spot dandruff in kids?
The most common and visible symptom of dandruff in kids is a very dry and itchy scalp. But if you are unable to see it on your kid's scalp, you should still double/triple check their heads if they become irritated or bothered by their hair or scalp. Kids with darker skin tones tend to show grey or light brownish flakes as a sign of dandruff along with their crown areas becoming slightly red or pink due to the itchiness. If you still have a doubt, make your kid wear dark-colored clothing for a day and check for any dandruff flakes around the collar area to make sure whether its dandruff that's troubling your little ones head.

What can cause dandruff for kids?
Seasonal changes: When seasons change and humidity starts decreasing as dry winter days set in,it can easily result in kids scalps drying out and developing dandruff.

Skin allergies: Toddlers and babies are too young for parents to know about the full range of allergies they might have. Some skin allergies may get triggered under a situation and result in dandruff.

Getting their hair shampooed too much or not enough: If you choose to shampoo your child's hair too often, it can strip off their scalp's natural oils which results in the skin becoming a lot drier than it needs to be. Some shampoos might be too strong to use regularly on kids hair and can lead to dandruff. Similarly, when shampooing isn't done in proper intervals, scalp hygiene gets imbalanced by the excessive natural oil production which then attracts dirt, dead skin cells and becomes greasy which can also lead to dandruff.

Cradle Cap: This condition is a different type of dandruff in which the flakes of scalp skin are biggerthan normal dandruff flakes. They are visibly shiny and scaley but they are nothing to worry about.Cradle cap occurs in infants of up to 3 months of age which clears up on its own by the time the baby is a year old.

What to do when you find signs of dandruff on your child's head?
Kid's dandruff may seem like a big problem to solve but it is relatively easier to deal with than people realize.

1. Fewer Baths For Tiny Heads
For babies up to 6 months of age, cradle cap is a very common condition that develops. Decreasing the number of times you bathe your baby in a week can greatly help with managing your little ones cradle cap. In many cases, babies might be getting over-bathed which leads them to lose their skin's natural oils and develop flaky skin all over their bodies.

2. Let Experts Do The Work
You can always rely on experts to take care of things for you without having to scratch your head and try remedy after remedy without any results.

This is where BabySutra comes in, we have got just the solution for your child's dandruff problems! Our anti-dandruff hair spa service takes care of all your worries and leaves your child's hair healthier and happier without a sign of dandruff. Our experts are well trained and use only the safest products for your child's care. We start with brushing the child's hair to make sure there are no painful knots followed by applying a small amount of medicated shampoo on their head to focus on gentle exfoliation which helps with removing the dead skin cells from the scalp. Getting our anti-dandruff spa weekly can help your kid get rid of the annoying flakes and it also helps parents manage their child's hair more efficiently.

Dandruff is a pretty common skin condition that can happen to humans of all ages alike. However, until kids can grow and learn how to take care of their hair health, parents have to be extra cautious. So if you find signs of dandruff on your little one's scalp, head over to your nearest BabySutra outlet to get it checked and taken care of by our experts.

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