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Right_salon_for_kids3 The Choice Of Haircuts For Your Kids


Taimur. That name has taken the internet by storm. He is all of 4 years old and has already earned a name for himself. A celebrated influencer, Taimur is all about his own individuality and we love him for that.

As the times have passed, the notion of parenting has also seen a considerable shift. Parents are now much more aware of their child's knowledge of their favourite movie, colour, pop star, songs and are accepting of those influences in their child's life.

When it comes to grooming for kids, especially haircuts, we often tend to dominate and decide on behalf of them. The universal 'mushroom cut' overrules it all and that's often been a childhood embarrassment for most of us. While, as adults, we tend to laugh those memories off, it is important to acknowledge that a good haircut could be a solution to all our problems.  Further, it makes hairstyles look more polished and sharper, for any occasion.

The formative years of a child often determine the personality they develop as adults. The initial years of small gestures like the freedom of choice, respecting their opinions, or appreciating their likes and dislikes go a long way to make your child independent and confident later.

With coming-of-age children have been exposed to world culture. They spend time on the internet from a young age and are aware of their surroundings. Time and again it has been seen how the choice of a child in the family becomes a key factor in decision making. Their favourite colours take over the house, their favourite food becomes the family's choice at a restaurant, and their choice of a cartoon is played the most on television.

In short, the child of today knows his preferences and hence it becomes imperative for us to respect their decisions too. This is why, at BabySutra we believe that before a haircut, the choice should be of both the parent and the child.

Choosing their own cut becomes a way for them to express themselves. In most cases, a child dreams to get haircuts similar to their idols, Thus, making haircuts a reflection of who they want to be. When you let your child choose their own hairstyle you let them choose who they want to be.

Hairstyles are a big trend when it comes to kids. A beach hair braid, front fringes, short pixies - the choices are endless. Without a doubt, it's the tender growing age when hair is at its healthiest and should be utilized to experiment with hairstyles of their choice.

At BabySutra, our brand is focused on children and their world. We build our services and stations around their likes and dislikes. It is important for us to see children find their own space and comfort when visiting us, so they can be candid about their choices. This is why our services do not just stop at haircuts. We have a range of fun and exciting hair services that is sure to bring a smile to your child's face.

Our range of services is put together to ensure that kids will love each one of them. Apart from trendy haircuts, we offer hair spas for healthy, happy hair as well as hair tattoos (of course temporary). For special days, there's blow-drying, styling, and curling. If there's one thing, we can be proud of, it is to give your child a hair makeover that's got to be the talk of the town.

What can get better than a child walking out of our salon looking cute?

A gang of cute little boys and girls walking out in slow motion and big smiles. It's only possible at BabySutra. We have exclusive BFFs day out at our salons where we arrange for group haircuts and styling that's sure to make a day spent here, the best playdate ever.