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After Holi Care For Kids

The day of the celebration is over. Your child is done playing in colours with their friends and dous-ing each other with water. You used all the precautions you could, applied coconut oil on their hair and skin, sunscreen, made them wear full-body coverage clothes, and all other tips from the pre-vious blog about Holi precautions. But what about the aftermath of Holi?

You can take as many precautions as you can think of but Holi celebrations can still end up taking a toll on your kid's hair, skin, and nails. As the answer to all your worries, the BabySutra experts bring you a list of things to help rejuvenate your child's skin and hair after celebrating Holi.

What to do immediately after playing Holi
Don't let the colours linger on your kid's skin and hair for too long after they have returned from playing. Dust off whatever dry gulaal there might be before they enter the house. Avoid using wa-ter at this stage as it will only make the colours runny and stain clothes if it hasn't already. Next, you can give your little ones a bath using warm water and mild soap to remove as much colour as you can. Avoid rubbing their skin too harshly as it may be very sensitive already to the chemicals and the colour.

Post- Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips For Kids
1. Massage and bathe
Massage your kid's skin with heavy oils like mustard the day after Holi to make sure the rest of the colour leaves the body. Give them a bath right after. Even if the kids have used natural colours to play with, it can still stain their skin and nails for days after the celebrations are over. You can opt for a DIY solution like ubtan or a simple paste of gram flour and curd to use as a mild exfoliator to help get the colours removed as much as possible.

2. Get those nails the good kind of colour
Everyone knows how difficult it is to get Holi colour out from under the nails. It is almost as diffi-cult as making sure you don't get painted during the celebrations. The chemicals used in the Holi colours leave tough stains on the tender skin around the nails and the nail bed. Sometimes, the harsh ingredients can also cause excessive dryness leading to cracking and peeling of cuticles. Moreover, this also puts your kids at the risk of ingesting harmful colours stuck in their nails. Sadly, home remedies and baby soaps are not sufficient enough to take care of such stains.

To revive from such post-Holi damage and facilitate proper nail hygiene, it is best to seek profes-sional help. At BabySutra, we have a wide range of manicure and pedicure services. Our experts skillfully remove whatever residual colour is stuck beneath your child's nails and give them a beau-tiful makeover. You can also opt for a pedicure for your kid's feet to make sure there are no chances of infections. These services are important for post-Holi care to maintain proper hygiene even if kids play with natural colours.

At BabySutra, we also offer nail cuts and nail art services to go along with the manicures and pedi-cures which will have your little one's nails looking beautiful all summer long.

We have also recently introduced our new Mermaizing Mermaid, Shinning Rainbow, and Dazzling Unicorn Pedicures. This gets better than your usual pedicure as you get customised mermaid, rainbow, and unicorn nail art options.

3. Hair spa treatment and a haircut for better maintenance
Proper post-Holi hair care is very important for your kid to have good hair health. DIYs and home remedies can only go so far in ensuring your child's hair gets thoroughly cleansed of the colour and chemicals. To give your kids a wholesome hair care solution, book them a hair spa treatment at BabySutra. It will not only help get rid of the colours and chemicals from your child's hair but also restore the shine and health of their hair. We have a special de-tangler hair spa for kids which is particularly helpful to deal with post-Holi damage.

Summer is also a good time to get your kid's haircut done. Maintaining a child's long hair during summers after Holi can be a difficult task. Get your kid a post-Holi haircut at BabySutra and book a hair styling session so your little one can rock the new hair in the best way possible. You can also go for a hot oil treatment before the hair spa and add even more nourishment to your little one's hair. Our expert hairstylists know how to take care of your kid's hair and make it easier for you to maintain post-sessions.

Be it pre-Holi precautions, post-Holi care, or any other day, our services at BabySutra come in handy all year round. We cater to children of all ages from infants to pre-teens and teens. There is something for everyone to enjoy at BabySutra. Hair salon, nail art, spa sessions, infant massages, hydrotherapy, manicures, pedicures, and special parent-child bonding spa sessions are just a few of the many services we offer.

Our team of experts is highly trained and diverse in their professional experiences. It is our top-most priority to maintain a calm, relaxing, and safely enjoyable space for kids at all times in our sessions.

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